checking in. again.

Just a quick hello from all of us here at H&D!  Things have been busy since I’m growing a baby (kumquat, people!!) so my emotions have been tied up other places than social media.  The only thing I’ve sort of been up-keeping is my Instagram account, so you’re welcome to follow our adventures there if you’re just dying for a regular dose of that hammy face and big blue eyes ^^^^ (at wifeofjw).  I’m planning on taking the rest of March off and then hopefully coming back full force in April.  We’ve still been doing fun stuff and taking pictures, so I already have some posts ready to go, except that I need to edit the pictures and actually write the post.  So they’re mainly just ready to go in my head.  But it’s a start!  I’ve also got all my weekly belly pics, but up until the past few weeks there isn’t much action go on with the belly growth.  However, I am officially wearing my pre-weight loss pants (so glad I kept those!) and stretchy skirts.  And flowy tops.  And fine, some maternity pants.  They’re just so comfy!!  Not looking very pregnant yet, just extra squishy.  But I’m feeling pretty great!  And I’m definitely looking forward to pregnancy hair and skin.  I can tell my pours are smaller, but I’m still in the breakout stage waiting for the clear glowing radiant stage.  Anyhoo, enough about all that.  JW is out of town on a business trip this weekend so Jameser and I are trying to keep entertained.  This morning we had amazing oatmeal cinnamon pancakes and watched Saturday morning cartoons together.  My little dude is so rad!  Seriously, he is so funny and cute and smart and funny and loving and cute and smart and funny.  I can’t believe we’re going to have another little dude/ette running around our tiny little apartment!! There is just no greater joy than family.  All this joy is making me tired, so I’m gonna go take a nap.  See you on Instagram or in April!!  And thanks for not giving up on us, haha!