about sponsoring:

Hey everybody!  I’m gearing up to come back full force in April and just wanted to drop a quick note about sponsorship.  I’ve gotten a lot of emails for sponsors who wish to start in April and I believe I have gotten back to you all, but if I have not then please forgive me and my disorganized inbox and shoot me another email and we’ll get ya sorted!  We are currently offering our lowest sponsor rates ever because I’ve decided to focus more on blog content than worrying about the business side of things.  As a result, you get amazing exposure for a fraction of the cost of what it’s worth, and I think all parties involved will benefit more.  So check it out if you’re interested.  Advertising on other blogs only ever helps, so I say if you’re thinking about it than do it!  And Hopes and Dreams is a great place to start since it is so affordable.  Anyhoo, I hate trying to sell ourselves!  I feel so grody.  But we’d really love to work with ya, so there ya go.  Hope you all have a beautiful Easter weekend, and/or that your Passover is going well, too!  You guys are the best and I’m so excited to come back next week!  PS, thank you so much for all of the precious emails and encouraging comments on FB and Instagram.  You truly cannot know how much it means to us!!
Another winner from an impromptu photo shoot from the other week….I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of the others, too!