It was really cute at first.  Like, the cutest thing we’d ever seen and simply a dream come true.  Our little boy was obsessed with Batman!  We didn’t even realize he was old enough to be obsessed with something like this, so we got the biggest kick out of it.  We encouraged it, even.  Anything “Batman” within a reasonable price was purchased.  Capes were made.  The Batman theme song became our family anthem, with James always adding the “Batman!” at the end.  Really, it just  filled this first-time-mother’s heart to brimming to see something bring her little fella so much joy, and to bring so much personality out of him.
But after the 1,894th showing of the 1966 hit Batman: The Movie (he prefers that one to all the other Batman movies because the caped crusader is in most of the scenes vs. Bruce Wayne, who is just another nobody to James), it’s starting to lose it’s charm.  Granted, we are still enablers, but we now know how to use it to our advantage.
“James, would Batman throw his plate on the ground?”

“Would Batman play in the poopy diaper bin?”

“Would Batman growl at his mommy?”

“Would Batman hit somebody (uuuuhhhhhhh…)?”
And I’ll tell you what, it gets him thinking.