Notable Quotable: toast

If you know James, you know he loves two things more than anything else:  Batman and toast.  Most tantrums stem from one or the other, or can be cured by one or the other.  Like tonight, for example, when we wouldn’t let James have his third piece in the ten minutes right before he was to go down for bed.  Yeah, he didn’t like that.  But then we distracted him with something Batman-y and the world was able to continue spinning.

I’ve been working with James on manners lately.  He’s getting the hang of ‘please’ but still hasn’t grasped the necessity of ‘thank you’ (baby steps).  Well, tonight as he was begging for some toast I asked,

“James what do you say?”

trying to encourage him to say ‘please,’

to which he replied,


I continued,

“James, what’s the magic word, remember?”


“James, remember?  It starts with a p-p-p-p (making the ‘p’ sound to try to prompt his memory).”

He paused, and then said,


We’ll keep working on those manners.  In the mean time, we’ll be scarfing much ptoast.