Checking in.

I honestly don’t know if I’ve posted this picture before, so it might be a repeater…

While I’ve been silent:

I’ve been growing a baby and am starting to feel like I am.

And starting to look like I am.

I almost fell victim to a scam off Craigslist.

Like, within-inches close.

I have acquired an awesome case of the FOLD (that’s flue/cold).

I’ve been catching up on Nashville.

I’ve been working out a lot.


I’ve been rehearsing for a benefit concert I’ve been asked to participate in next Friday.

It’s going to be insanely awesome.

If you’re in the Salt Lake or UT valleys and wanna come, you should.

It’s at a ballroom by LaCaille.

And It’s $10 per ticket.

And all proceeds go to a charity for El Salvador.

You can email me if you’re interested.

You should email me.


wifeofjw at gmail.

I’ve been making some maternity clothes for the summer months.

I’ve been cuddling with my buddy a lot.

He’s so flipping cute.

Holy mackerel.

I’ve been enjoying regular foot rubs from the hubbers.

And watching a lot of Wonder Years with him.

And really just enjoying him more fully and deeply than I have in a while.

And feeling so, so blessed.

In spite of the nausea.

And the FOLD.