I have got to be missing something here.  How is my child sick a-l-l-t-h-e-t-i-m-e.  I feel like he has something that we are overseeing, like in the doctor shows on television, and that if we discovered what it was our lives would be a thousand times easier.  They think it’s asthma.  They think it’s the bad air quality.  They think it’s teething.  And this and that.  I personally think he’s destined for ear tubes, but we have to pay about a $1000 more in tests and antibiotics and wait through three more ear infections before they’ll listen to my motherly instincts.  Because, you know, I’m just the mom and they’re the “doctors” and of course they know my son’s health better than me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love western medicine.  I’m just really discouraged because my poor child’s quality of life is in my hands and I’m failing him.  I feel like the docs aren’t letting me be his advocate!
He’s got a really bad cough right now.  He gets in these coughing fits that inevitably end in him vomiting.  And this is so gross, but he also vomits because his wee little gag reflexes cannot handle the mucus that has made base camp in the back of his throat.  So there’s been a lot of vomit fumes filling our tiny little apartment (you do NOT wanna come over).  If anyone–ANYONE–has any tips to lead me in the direction of soothing his cough and liquifying his throat boogs, please have mercy on us and share!!
By the way, thank you so much for all of the kind responses to our big news!  The emails and FB messages and tweets have touched us more than we can express.  And believe it or not, in spite of how this post makes us sound, we really can’t wait to do this all again.