10 things for Wednesday:

James and his books = true love.

1. If you haven’t noticed, I have been going through a bit of a dry spell with the blogging.  My brain is completely blank when it comes to things to blog about.  I usually have ideas overflowing, but lately I’ve got a really bad case of writer’s block.  Feel free to email me post requests!!

2. My go-to breakfast as of late is either peanut butter toast or a bowl of grape nuts with fresh pears diced in (aaaaaand we’ve resorted to blogging about what I eat for breakfast–refer to item 1.).

3. JW and I are throwing a semi-formal Valentine’s party this Friday!  It is going to be so fun.  We’ll be having three course fondue and the men will be performing talents for the rest of us, dedicated to their woman.  It should be a hoot of a time.

4. James is sick.  Again.  I feel like our kid is sick more often than not.  He literally gets a bug at least twice a month.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there some unspoken secret to keeping your kids healthy that this failure of a mother has never picked up on??  I guess I should make him stop playing on and around the toilet.

5. Today I’ll be making bread.  There is nothing like the smell of homemade bread filling a little apartment.

6. Prom season is upon us!  I’m starting to get booked for hair and makeup appointments and am really excited.  There’s nothing like Prom.  It’s one of the most important events of a high school girl’s life.  It is SUCH a big deal, and I’m lucky to be able to aid in making it magical for whomever wants me to.

7. I’ve been sewing a ton lately.  I’m really into making my own clothes if I can find affordable fabric.  I also love making things for James.  I’ve made him pillows, stuffed animals, leggings, blankets, and some other crafty things that don’t require sewing.  I think handmade goods are the best.

8. I’m journaling more lately!  I used to write in my journal allllll the time.  But the blog has sort of turned into my journal, unfortunately.  I mean, of course any form of record keeping is invaluable, but I only get so personal on the blog (you’re welcome).  There are so many emotions that I experience that have been going unrecorded lately because I don’t feel they are appropriate for the interwebs.  So I’ve started an online journal at penzu.com so that even if my computer crashes I won’t lose my entries.  And I can journal from anywhere!  It’s free and organized and typing my entries makes my life a lot easier than taking the time to write them by hand.  I do love authentic handwritten journals, though, but now that I have my handwriting as a font I don’t hesitate to type at all.

9. I feel like the ultimate triumvirate of workout classes is Zumba, Body Pump (it’s like choreographed weight lifting), and Body Combat/Kickboxing.  I’ve been rotating between these three classes and really feel like the combination of the three offers incredible results.  You got your cardio, your weight training, and your resistance training.  The other day in class I actually noticed that my shoulders look different than they used to!  They are getting way more toned!!  Yippy!!

10. I probably should have divided this post up so that I could spread out some posts.  I could have had ten separate posts instead of just one, and considering item 1, that could have really helped me out over here!  Seriously, email post suggestions!!