vine, vision, b.o., and a winner:

We’re now on vine!  Check us out @wifeofjw
Here’s a quick rundown of the vision I have for the blog in the coming months:
If you click the “sponsor” tab, you’ll see that we have a new advertising program in place.  I’ve been wanting to simplify my role in hosting sponsors so that I can focus more on the content and quality of our blog, so you’ll see that we have one ad size available to all who want to sponsor us.  For details, you can just check out that tab.
I’m also thinking about turning the comments back on.  I’d like to connect more with my readers and make more of a community here.  I absolutely LOVE getting the unspeakably sweet emails from loyal readers, and I want a chance for all of our readers to connect with each other and get to know each other and your sweetness.  I really do think we have the best readers in the world.  I honestly just love you and can’t tell you how much your support and kindness means to us here.  So maybe within the next week or so, we’ll get the comments going again.
So here’s a story for you:
The other night I got to a gym class about 20 minutes early to set up my station and get a good spot.  The class I love fills up really fast…  Before the class started I noticed a station set up in front of me that no one was guarding, so I assumed whosever station it was set up and went to warm up on the floor before class.  Well, class started and no one was at the station.  I paid no attention to it, as I was starting to focus on the class and “get in the zone.”  A few minutes into the class, a very sweet, very awkward, very smelly man assumed his position at the station right in front of me.  I was already breathing hard due to exercising, but as soon as I took a whiff of his body odor, bless his heart, I felt like I was suffocating.  Of all the rotten luck, I thought to myself.  Of course the smelly one stands right in front of me, with both of us in the wind stream of the fan.  I live for my workouts, so I was very bitter about my plight.  And noticing that the room was chalk full with nowhere for me to move to, I proceeded to work out for a whole hour cross-eyed while holding my breath.  Needless to say, I had to skip the pushups….  But afterwards I felt bad for being so annoyed.  I mean, this gentleman was trying so hard in class, and maybe he had an excessive sweating problem that he couldn’t control (I deduced from his dripping wet bum crack that was repeatedly thrust in my direction…).  But the fact was, he just didn’t know what he smelled like.  And I’m sure it wasn’t his fault.  For all I know, he does shower regularly.  It probably just wasn’t his night.  And that made it not my night, too.  

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