oh, hello!

Still not great with the blogging recently…. To be honest, life hasn’t been very glamorous as of late.  We’ve had ear infections, noses that will not stop running, changing nap schedules and day dreams of being Blake Lively around here.  Also, I’ve been working out in the mornings every day (yeah, I’ve gained almost 4 pounds since I’ve started working out—who can explain this???), which is usually when I blog, so the blog has consequently taken a back seat.  By the time I get home and get James down for a nap and get showered and ready for the day, the majority of my free time is gone.  I’m squeezing this little post in while my husband is getting Netflix set up for us (nightly cuddle time with a show) and while my baby is crying himself to sleep in the other room (he’s had a rougher time going down the past few nights).  
But I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite pinterest links that I’ve saved.  Here yas go (I’m providing the actual links if they are available, not my pins.  If you are interested in looking at my pins, you can check them out here):
+ With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d share the link that gave me the idea of James’ valentines last year –here
+ I made this awesome eye cream from coconut oil and vitamin e, recipe –here
+ I tried a single serving chocolate chip cookie recipe, and it was pretty good!  Kind of more cake-like than a regular cc cookie, but satisfying none the less.  Recipe –here-.
+ I made up a mix of this detox bath powder and am excited to use it if I feel a cold coming on.  The idea is that you sweat a lot while you’re in the bath.  Recipe –here-.
+ I am literally living in my new jeans, found –here-.
+ I have a new favorite hairstyle, which also happens to be a great way to get beachy waves, found –here-.
+ These fancified oyster crackers are flipping addicting, found –here-.
+ I made this activity book for James and he loves it, found –here.
Anyhoo, I think I better go.  Hubby awaits!
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