Saturday is a special day:

Today will be fun, but only because I decided to have an attitude change about it.  John’s off having a much needed guys day with his brothers and dad and won’t be home until about 7:30 tonight.  Which leaves me with my sweetie sweets all day.  Which is great…..I just look forward to rejuvenating myself on the weekends with John here helping, as opposed to the week where he is at work or school all day. That’s not to say he doesn’t help out in the week…of course he does.  I just reeeaaaallly love the weekends where we can all be together and the load is a little lighter for both of us.  Plus I am feeling less than healthy today….cold season anyone?  It just won’t be the relaxing weekend I could use right now.  Can I get a witness??
But today will be special.  I’m going to make it so.  Jameser and I are going to live it up here in SLC.  We already went out to breakfast this morning together (BK breakfast, y’all!) and are now playing with all of our amazing new Christmas toys (Christmas was awesome, by the way.  You can check out some highlights of our celebrating on my instagram @wifeofjw).  Later today we’ll make our way to the city to stroll around downtown and go adventuring.  And yes I will most definitely be purchasing some jeans–THE jeans–that I have been on a mission for months to find and have been researching and researching and researching and have finally found and decided to commit to.  I’ve come to realize that with my body type, I just need to buckle down and invest in quality jeans.  And these ones should be perfect for me and my bahonkis, I’m so excited!!!  After months of investigating, I think we finally have a winner.  And they are half the price of the original jeans I was willing to invest in but that ended up being super uncomfortable after wearing them around the apartment for the day.  Sooooo not worth $200.  
Other than that, there will be lots of snuggling, kissing, and growling today.  James is in a growling stage.  It’s only amazing. And maybe we’ll drop some stuff by to donate at our local thrift store.  I’ve been in purging mode to the extreme lately.  It feels goooood.  
We’re going to have a great day together, this little buddy and me.