19 and a winner:

Happy birthday , Kaizini Weenie (that’s just a nick name, don’t worry…) !!!!!
Today you are 19, so here are 19 reasons why you’re boss:
1. You’re hilarious.
2. You’re incredibly well-spoken.
3. You’re beautiful.
4. You’re level-headed.
5. You’re a smarty-pants.
6. You’re very sensitive, it’s sweet.
7. You’re fashionably wise.
8. You are a good friend.
9. You are very insightful.
10. You are very passionate (lucky Elliot!)
11. You serve those around you.
12. You are an amazing teacher.
13. You have a maturity beyond your years.
14. You are fun to talk to.
15. You try things that are hard.
16. Your hair is amazing.
17. You are so very talented in so many ways.
18. You only say things deliberately and don’t say things you don’t mean.
19. You are a Warrior for Christ.
Love you!
And the winner of the Datevitation Giveaway is…..
Sopgirl!  Email me today to claim your prize and get your order in for delivery by Christmas!!