Our Thanksgiving Celebration 2012

About a month ago my mom explained that we would be going to Chuckarama for Thanksgiving dinner.  My grandma would be there and it is sentimental to her because my grandpa used to love that place.  However, the idea of Chuckarama for Thanksgiving sorta ruined my excitement for my favorite holiday.  John and I toyed with the idea of going with his side of the family, but ended up deciding that it wouldn’t be fair to my family to discriminate just because they would be going to Chuckarama.  It was their year, after all.  So, Chuckarama it would be.
Until I got this crazy idea.  
“Hey, what if I made Thanksgiving dinner this year…”
As soon as I said it out loud I became fixated with the idea and was ever so excited.  I had never attempted a Thanksgiving feast before, but I knew it was right up my ally.  I love entertaining and dinner parties, so it wouldn’t be much different than shindigs I’ve already done.
My parents were on board (especially my dad… Chuckarama for Thanksgiving was utterly depressing to him) and immediately started planning.  It was a smaller group of us, so I was able to get super fancy with the place settings.  It was more beautiful than I had originally envisioned, and the day was so very memorable.  It sure beat Chuckarama!  Guess there wasn’t much competition to begin with, though…