Giving Thanks, part 2: my buddy

“My buddy, my buddy!  Wherever I go you’re gonna go!  My buddy, my buddy….my buddy and me!”
Holy cannoli, how I love this chunk.  He is filling me to overflowing with joy and excitement and gratitude.  He’s finally walking more consistently, but he still flips out with satisfaction every time he does.  He walks like a little baby monkey with his arms in the air to keep his balance.  Except he’s totally cuter than a baby monkey, if you can believe that.  It seriously hurts how cute he is and how much we love him.  Sooooo grateful for my Jameser boy.   

15 months 1 week
words James knows:
bottle = baba
ball = bop bop
Jesus = Jitch-ush
please = pissss
thank you = da du
what’s this = waz ith
what’s that = waz at
book = buh buh
sounds James knows:
(and he can point each of these out with his flash cards)
other James-isms:
he loves blowing kisses
he loves climbing on everything
he loves oatmeal and yogurt and fish sticks
he loves his flash cards
he loves pictures of Jesus
he loves finding his belly button when you ask him where it is
he loves giving mama and dada kisses over and over
he loves squirting himself in the face with a water spray bottle
he loves his best friend, cousin Bree
he loves McDonald’s french fries
he loves watching Arthur with his daddy in the mornings before mom wakes up