New Series on H|D: Love Life Series

This series has been a long time coming, and I finally feel like a fire has been lit under my lazy bahonkis to pump out my two bits on love and how it fits into life (or maybe it should be the other way around…) and how to develop personally in a way that will enrich your relationships and your lives.  After all, what is more important in life than the relationships in it?
I get email after email asking for relationship advice.  I love this, but it has simply become too emotionally hard and time consuming to return everyone’s individual emails with personalized advice.  So what I have decided to do is to write a series of posts covering all aspects of relationships, from being single/dumped, to finding the right guy, to marriage and parenthood.  There are some fundamental principals that we will be discussing that are foundational in all types of relationships.  However, this series is more directed towards relationships of the romantic variety, although a lot of the things we discuss could enrich any type of relationship in your life.
Please note that I am in no way a professional relationship counselor!!  I studied relational communication in college and graduated with a degree in interpersonal communication with hopes to become a family counselor (decided to focus on counseling my own family instead), so I do have a bit of a back ground in the topic.  However, most of my advice will come from personal experience and life in general.  So take it or leave it, but I sure hope I can help enlighten some people out there.  That way it would make my personal experiences worth it :).
While I will try to direct all my thoughts to both sexes, I’m sure this series will appeal more to women, as I am a woman and only know what it’s like to be a woman and not a man, so I don’t really know how to give advice from a man’s point of view.  However, consider this an invitation into the mind and heart of women, fellas!  There could be extremely valuable information for your kind in these here pages!
Now let’s get to it!!
–more to come–