Say hey to Laynah:

Hi, my name is Laynah.
I usually blog at Laynah’s Corner but today I’m hijacking HOPESandDREAMS.
I’m only twenty.
And I’m engaged!
Sometimes the thought of marriage makes me wonder if I need to start acting like a grown up now, or if it’s okay to continue being an oversized child. I haven’t really come up with a good answer for that yet, but I guess there are good times to act like a grown up, and good times to relax and be silly.
All I know is that (contrary to popular belief) I don’t think my life is ending just because I’ll be married at a young age. I still have plenty of life to live, and I will live it with my one true love!
I’ve been thinking a lot about bucket lists lately.
I’m all about them.
Everyone knows that people change, material things get used up, but memories never lose their value. Naturally, a life spent collecting memories is sure to be more rewarding than one spent collecting things.
Some to-do’s on mine have already be checked off:
I am fairly certain some WILL happen:
And that some will probably NEVER happen:
As for the rest, it is up to me and my honey to make it happen!
I have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon.
What better way to remind yourself that you are alive than jumping into an ice cold ocean in the dead of winter?
ALWAYS wanted to do this.
I would be the best actress for three seconds.
Then I’d just start laughing and be like “Central park please.”
Bless others:
Throughout the year throw your change into a jar, and leave it on some family’s doorstep around Christmas time via an anonymous ring and run!
The color festival in Utah!
These people look like they’re living to me.
And perhaps the most essential to feeling needed:
Goodness gracious this life has so much to offer.
I’m glad for blogs, to help me capture it all – and for making it possible to live vicariously through everyone else’s!

Thanks for reading

and big thanks to Jessi

for letting me take over for a day.