He’s a good man:

from one of our engagement photo shoots, fall 2009
As I was trying to catch up on emails this morning (I’m only a few months behind….) I got a call from my Prince who had left at the crack of dawn this morning to head to class.
“Hey honey!”
“Hey, Baby, I’m calling you because I just got reminded of you.”
“Awe, that’s so sweet! What happened?”
“I was at Jamba Juice and remembered that I had a coupon for a free pretzel with the purchase of a smoothie.  I noticed there was a homeless man outside the store, so I bought a smoothie, had them put it in two separate cups, and went out and had breakfast with him, giving him half of my smoothie and half of my pretzel.  And his name was Jesse, so I thought of you!”
“You had breakfast with the homeless man?”
“Yeah, he had a sad story.  His house got condemned after a fire about 10 years ago, and it’s just gone downhill from there.  He’s staying at a shelter right now.  Oh, and I would totally recommend Jamba Juice’s apple cinnamon pretzels….”
“Wait, honey, so you bought breakfast for the homeless man and then ate it with him and got to know him?  You probably made his life!  Do you realize how nice that is??”
“Oh, it really wasn’t that big of a deal.  He was a cool guy.  Shoot, I just missed my exit gottagoloveyou!”
I have so much to learn from my husband.  So very, very much.