Seven for Sunday: 19th edition

Our hearts are broken over what transpired at the midnight premier of 
‘The Dark Night Rises’ in Aurora CO, and I intend no disrespect as I recount our personal experience that night.
bitin’ a batarang|John’s baby|the gang|John looks a little like Cat Woman
Holy awesome, Batman!!  Our midnight showing experience could not have been better.  John and I absolutely LOVED the movie (although I do have my critiques).  We were fully decked out (well, John was fully) with masks and “capes” (John used a cosmetologist cape I had on hand) and all in black.  A lot of people at the theater were dressed up, too, and kept asking John to take pictures with them (quote of the night: “John, these really hot girls in spandex want you in their picture…” to which John replied, “The only hot girl I wanna see in spandex is my wife!”).  We all cheered in the theater together at certain points in the movie and just basked in the glamour of it all.  We didn’t get home until 4:00 am but it was totally worth it (I may or may not have had to put James in his crib to play while I took a few naps the following day….).  And for the record, I think my husband looks like Tom Hardy.
On Thursday John and I spent eight hours with hundreds of pubescent boys with big body odor and big hearts.  Before we went up, I really thought I would die at Camp Tracy that day.  But I actually made it through and was surprised at how fast the day went.  We only had two of our own scouts there, so it was fun to get to know them so well and just hang out with them.  I may or may not have almost cried on several occasions (There’s no crying at scout camp!!) because of how sweet our boys were to other scouts who didn’t fit in as well.  *proud scout mama right here*
We had a bit of a scare with Bubbers, but it’s looking like it’s gonna turn out to be nothing.  James’ cousin Bree currently has hand, foot, and mouth disease and late last night I thought James started showing some similar signs and symptoms.  I was absolutely freaking out because I could not foresee myself actually being able to cope with a sick baby for two weeks on top of all the other stuff going on in our family right now.  I kind of started hyperventilating, as dramatic as that sounds.  My emotions are spread so thin right now that the slightest thing will set me off into a doom-&-gloom|THISCANNOTBEHAPPENING mood.  Luckily we woke up this morning and James was perfectly fine, not a squeak of hand, foot, and mouth problems.  If he really had it, it would have been super obvious this morning.  Instead, he is just his normal self, so I’m not worried anymore.  We’ll keep him home from church today, just in case.  
We hit a milestone over here at Hopes and Dreams the other day: 1,000 followers!!  We’re humbled and grateful and giggly and confused and so very, very excited.  Thank you so much for your support and interest in our simple little life.
John surprised me with a “1,000 Followers” present–a darling new duffle bag that I absolutely love.
So sweet of him to make such big deals out of stuff like this!
I’m excited to make some new throw pillows for my couch today while John is at church and I’m home with Jameser.  I’m usually a “neutrals” kinda girl but am really leaning towards pops of color lately.  Excited to freshen up and brighten up our lil’ basement apartment in this easy way.
Speaking of our basement apartment, we love it.  However, I feel like all I do is clean these days.  Maybe if we were in a bigger place it wouldn’t get dirty as quickly(?), but it would also be more space to clean.  Having said that, I kinda love cleaning, when I’m in the mood.  Needless to say, I have NOT been in the mood lately.
Life is just crazy these days.  I feel like the innocence of my childhood is being crumpled up and shot up at the ceiling like a big spit wad.  It’s crazy to think of how things were then and compare our dreams of the future with what that future has become.  Don’t get me wrong, we feel blessed beyond measure and are so grateful for where life has taken us.  But there are certain things that happen in life that you never plan for or foresee.  And when they unfold it can just be a big slap in the face.  But I guess the more slaps in the face you get, the more calloused your cheeks become and you just get tougher and more fortified for the next few slaps.  I have no idea how people do this without Jesus!       
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