Seven for Sunday: 16th edition

First and foremost, HAPPY CANADA DAY!!  For those of you who are from the beautiful land northward, I want to let you know that we just LOVE your country in this house.  John lived there for two years as a missionary and we have both concluded that we could totally live there as a family at some point in our life. Well, John threw a little Canada Day party yesterday and invited some of his palsies who also lived in Canada as missionaries.  We had poutine and pancakes with proper maple syrup.  We were jonesing for some spruce beer but couldn’t find any spruce extract in our local markets.  Next year we will be prepared, though, and will be able to drink Christmas trees to our delight.
John hung pictures of famous Canadians around the room…
A few weeks ago John’s aunt and uncle gave their farewell address before they headed off to Spain as mission presidents for three years.  It was so beautiful and inspiring.  Aunt Ruthanne talked about how the Gospel is basically a pep talk to help us get through anything.  That really resonated with me.  Afterwards there was a beautiful luncheon at their house that my MIL put a lot of effort into.  Holy cow, it was incredible.  They served paella and different fruits and cheeses, and the display was just gorgeous. We’ll miss them but are so proud of them and know they will do amazing work in Spain.
My cousin got married last week and it was so much fun.  She made an absolutely beautiful bride and we couldn’t love her new husband more.  He’s actually kinda a mini-me of John.  They both have the exact same name (John William, but he goes by Will), they both speak French, their dad’s are both radiologists and actually work together, they both love eating and their wives, and they both are just awesome.  Not to mention his dad looks exactly like the villain from the first Iron Man… so that’s cool.
Will’s dad is on the left…

This last week John and I tended his little sister while her parents were at girls camp.  Libby and I spent most of the time together and it really was so much fun.  We’ve gotten a lot closer and I can tell Lib is maturing quite a bit.  And she is so stinking cute with James.  He LOVES his aunt Libby.  No one can make Jameser crack up quite like she can.
Leon is the son of one of the workers at the nail salon we went to.  He kept flirting with Libby and ended up starting her pedi while his dad was finishing up on someone else.  We LOVE Leon!!
Cutest balloon animal EVER.
I’ve been working on James’ birthday party and am so excited with how the decorations are turning out.  I’m wanting to make his first birthday a huge deal, and I think it’s all really coming together.  I mean, how many times does your first child turn one??  Plus, I’m loving all the crafts I get to do in preparation.  Here’s just a lil’ sneak peak:
Oh, this boy!
I’ve been sick the past week and a half.  Not completely leveled, but definitely not myself.  I haven’t had a ton of motivation for blogging, but I’m really gonna try to recommit myself to being more consistent (I feel like I write something along these lines every week…I’m lame.).  
Sabbath Inspiration
(this one is very close to our hearts around these parts…)


  1. Sierra Penrod says:

    So many thoughts–Glad I stumbled upon your adorable blog.

    A: Yes, I see the resemblance. Way cooler to look like a villain than a protagonist.

    B: I think that pedicure kid should be featured on Ellen. How adorable is he?

    C: I LOVE Canada. My husband and I went to Canada on our honeymoon and it was the best. Also, my roommate in college was Canadian and they have Thanksgiving on a different day (I’m sure you know this), so since she couldn’t go home for it, we threw Canadian Thanksgiving every year. Those were good times.

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