Seven for Sunday: 13th edition

My dad is major into the cycles of the moon (werewolf, anyone?) so he decided to throw a big barbeque in honor of the eclipse that happened last Sunday.  We were sick to our stomachs at the thought of the clouds covering it up since my dad was as giddy as a school boy to see it.  Luckily it cleared up at just the right time and we were able to get a great looksie.  It was such a fantastic night of family fun and food.
me mam 
my dad made a lil’ projector out of cardboard and tin foil so that we could see it in all of its glory 
couldn’t contain my excitement 
oh, that mug…
Kelsey got some more senior pictures taken by our sister Andee and I was honored to do her hair and makeup again.  Can’t beLIEVE how grown up she is.  How is that even possible when I haven’t aged a bit since I was 18?  Here are some of her stunners:
my favorite, and the one she sent out in her announcements
We spent the week at our cousins’ house tending them while their parents were on a bike ride in SoUt.  It was great and the kiddos loved on Jameser so much.  Especially cousin Leena.
sweet Leena Lady
This past Friday we were able to go to a play with some of our best friends, Jen and Dave.  Dave and I went to high school together and were leads in the musicals together and have just been great friends for years.  He and JW get along so well and of course I love Jen to bits, so we make a great lil’ group of palsies.  Dave’s and my dear friend and old high school drama teacher, Mark, was in the play and it was so much fun seeing him in action after having lost touch for a while.  Mark was listed on this post and I really can’t say how influential he has been in my life.  I was trying to explain it to John that night and while I don’t think I really could, it still made me remember how lucky I was to have Mark in my life when I did and how grateful I am that we are still great friends.
JW, Davey, Jen in the massive kitchen of their new mansion.  Seriously, though.
Love you, Mark!
Saturday John and I packed up the bubbers and headed downtown for the SLC Shine Event, hosted and organized by darling Ashley from The Shine Project.  It rained the whole time but John and I absolutely loved it!  Jameser was amazing until he had an atomic blowout and we didn’t have a change of clothes for him… But more on the Shine experience tomorrow.  Here are just a few highlights:
John’s brain child
my preciouses
LOVED the rain!
James is sick.  Again.  He has been projectile vomiting everywhere the past two days.  And right when we think he’s over it, we’ll give him a bottle and he’ll lose it.  He’s been living off pedialite and apple juice since yesterday evening and has been grumpy for his baba to say the least.  He hasn’t barfed for almost 24 hours now, but there have been some alien substances in his diaps that cannot be adequately described.  I can’t help but feel like a real mom when I sleep on the ground next to his crib at night, though, (last time he was sick he threw up and stopped breathing, so I didn’t want to leave his side until the worst had passed…) and I am truly honored for my duty and privilege.  It is absolutley precious to have his little hand reach through the bars of his crib to grab my hand for comfort as he falls asleep.
oh, and this is what happens when daddy leaves for work
(it’s accompanied with weeping and  whaling and gnashing of teeth from a daddy’s boy)
Thinking of my family lately.  The one I grew up in.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have the siblings and parents I have.  My heart is with them right now and although things are not easy, life is just beautiful because we have each other to love and support one another.  I would do anything for anyone in my family, and I know they would do anything for me.  Love you guys.
Sabbath inspiration -here-
(That’s my brother’s amazing website!)


  1. Courtney B says:

    What a great weekend! I am seriously soooo sad that I couldn’t make it up for the shine event. It would’ve been SO FUN to meet so many awesome bloggers… like you 🙂 I love that your hubs did it with you! I don’t think I could’ve talked mine into it!
    I hope your little man gets better ASAP!

  2. Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ says:

    uh… hi, you are BEAUTIFUL in that pic with your hair braided up on your head and your makeup lookin’ all fly and your lips all sexy! Not that you aren’t beautiful all the time, but daaang girl. You rockin’ it. 🙂 Miss you!!

    • Jessi says:

      Well thanks Crys! Coming from you that means the world, miss runway model. And I’m glad to see you’re alive, too. Where the heck have ya been??

  3. Ben & Cassie says:

    Wow eventful week! Poor little sick baby, I think that will be the hardest thing for me all the “gross” stuff but everyone says its different when it is your own? right? Love your hunters!

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