Seven for Sunday: 10th edition

So you may or may not have noticed that I took a little break from blogging this week.  While I’m happy to be back, I needed a break for sure.  We’ve had a lot on our plate the past wee while.  James’ bum problem {see #2} has resurfaced which means he’ll be getting surgery in the next few weeks.  It shouldn’t be too big of a deal, according to several pediatricians, but needless to say we are not looking forward to this. 
I have to get surgery WHERE???
Turns out I’ll be getting a little surgical procedure next week, as well.  My tooth {see#3} has been excruciatingly painful, so we’ve decided to buckle down and get me an implant and a crown.  Let it be known, as well, that I do NOT do well at the dentist.  I had a little experience with a dentist in Ireland that has stuck with me {think Little Shop of Horrors} and I literally almost pass out every time I’m at the dentist now.  Even for cleanings.  Luckily they are drugging me and they tell me I won’t be able to remember any of the experience.  
James also has a weezy cough and majorly runny nose…. aaaand I’ve been planning several showers and doing a lot of graphic design for people.  So, yes, I took a break from blogging.  And from dishes.  And laundry.  And any form of cleaning. …
Speaking of full plates:

John finished his semester so I made him a special celebratory dinner of fondue!  We love fondue around these parts and have it relatively often.  It’s actually one of the easiest meals in our rotation even though it seems super fancy.  I’m thinking we might start a family tradition of Saturday Night Fondue each week.  I’m debating between fondue and homemade pizza. . .. maybe we’ll just do both each Saturday!
Anyhoo, I am so proud of Prince JDub and am indescribably excited that he doesn’t have to go to summer school!  And even though he’s working full-time we still have some fun ideas on our summer bucket list that we’ll squeeze in here and there.
Jameser played with his cousins a lot this week because their parents went on a cruise and left them to our keeping.  They slept at Grandma Jackie’s the first half of the week but we spent a significant amount of time with them during the days.  I love seeing James with his cousins and often dream of the life of friendship that lies ahead of them.  
Scottie fell asleep in the middle of his climb up on the couch.
rough-housing with Joshy
The Lisa Leonard Giveaway was very successful this week!  Thanks so much for participating.  To be honest, I didn’t even think that many people read my blog because I hardly get any comments on my posts {which is totally fine, and thanks so much to those who do take the time to comment}, so it really got me excited to see the response!  The winner will be announced beginning of next week, so stay tuned!
James is lighting up our world more and more, which I did not think was even possible.  He’s so rambunctious and fun and so entertaining to watch.  I never thought a little kid could have so much personality!  And I love every bit of it!  Yes, he’s getting more opinionated, and yes he tends to think he’s the boss most of the time {which, let’s be honest–he is…} but all the little things he does just crack us up on a daily basis.  It’s amazing how many of our conversations include the phrase, “Holy crap that is a cute kid.”
he’s very explorative and sometimes his adventures
lead him to places he gets stuck
discovered how to get his toys out of his toy box all by himself

my smiley boy

Other exciting pass-times from the week:

Celebrating Grandpa Bob’s birthday
Discovering the wonder of Orson Gygi’s
A little shopping for me and the bubbers
{Captain America totally reminds me of John—he’s got
that buff good-guy thing going on.  Drives me wild.}
Seeing The Pirates {kinda gave me a twitch…}
Working hard on Mothers Day gifts!
{to be revealed next week for obvious reasons…}
Great time catching up with some of my sorority sisters from college
Spray-painting a tea pot Tiffany Blue
Having dinner with Grandpa George and hearing about his love life 🙂
Working on fun games and visual aids for Primary Singing Time at church

Thinking of how blessed I am to have such a kind, compassionate, and patient husband who tries so hard to make me happy and confident.  There’s not many people like John William, and I am so humbled that I am his.
engagement session by Andee McDonald, Fall 2009



  1. Ben & Cassie says:

    As always love your sunday posts! Sounds like you have been super busy, i am always nervous to take breaks from blogging because i don’t want people to forget about me or something but i am realizing that sometimes i need to, so it doesn’t become a chore! Cute photos and “holy crap that IS a cute kid”

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