Implants and a winner:

Well, it’s Wednesday around these here parts.  That means we’re right in between two weekends.  Last weekend was pretty fun and fancy free with parties and movies and a little shopping.  This coming weekend, though?  I’ll be recovering from implant surgery.  No, not the fun kind of implants.  The tooth kind.  The kind where you don’t have much to show the world for your pain.  So I’m not super antsy for this weekend to come, you can imagine.  Maybe I’ll celebrate the weekend today instead and go on a little hunt for the perfect pair of summer sandals.  And I think I’ll get a pedi, too.
Happy Weekend, y’all!
Congratulations to Kelsey, you’ve won the Lisa Leonard Giveaway!
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  1. hayley jo says:

    Hello! I am a new reader to your blog and I also work at a dentist office as an assitant, haha. The implant won’t be as bad as you think!! It might hurt for a couple of days but you are a tough woman you’ll do just fine and it’ll be SO worth it!!!

  2. Ben & Cassie says:

    Dangit, i was really interested to see the posts about “those kind of implants” I wish you luck, dentists scare me! And yes to the pedicure, you deserve it!

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