Why hello this morning!  If you’re here from The Shine Project, welcome!  We’re excited to have you in these parts.  Feel free to peruse our archives and stay a bit [you could start here, and these are fun, too].  You might find something that resonates with you?  If you’re crazy and overly emotional then you definitely will, because that’s what the majority of my posts are all about.  I’m not too shy about being a bona fide quack. . . but life is more fun that way:).

On the docket for the day:



But it’s okay.  I hardly work at all anymore {at my receptionist job} so I don’t mind going in once in a while, if even for a social escape from running my house apartment hold.  Plus it’s nice to get fancy once in a while and actually have a place to go.

I’m also excited to pick up my phone from the repair shop.  I’ve been missing it!

AAAAAaaaaaand I’m toying with the idea of going to Utah Co to hit up this:

more info here

Any of yous going?  I’d love to meet up with someone so I’m not wandering around like a big lonely lug…  email me!

And that’s all I got.  Hope you have a beautiful Tursday, as my Irish friends like to say.


  1. erica says:

    jessi, i read your post on the shine project and i’m kind of dyyyying. LOVED it! obsessed with your blog now.


  2. Thoughts for the day says:

    I enjoyed your guest post, it was really good and you are adorable. Keep up the good writing you are true in what you wrote, sadness is not often talked about, in reality it is a real feeling and often times those who are believers feel they have failed if they become deeply sad. That is not true, even Jesus wept. We learn from our sorrow and we grow from it if we allow it to teach us.

  3. Lynne says:

    Thanks for guest posting at The Shine Project. It is a conundrum isn’t it? I had a mini-meltdown last night over an issue that I think it is OK to be upset about and wish things had turned out differently, but don’t want to allow to take over my life and make me cranky whenever I think of it. Your post was helpful, so thanks! I’ve added you to my “favorites” list on my computer. Happy Thursday!

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