Seven for Sunday: 6th edition {Easter}

We’ve been going through a lot the past few weeks and it’s taken everything in me to still blog semi-regularly.  I’m so sorry to you for the recent lack of quality posts.  I’m also sorry to myself because blogging really helps my spirits and it’s not doing me any favors to neglect it.  I have recommitted and feel rejuvenated and am ready to dive back in with my whole heart. 
John William started his new job and is absolutely loving it.  They took him out to lunch on his first day and sent him and the whole company home early on Friday for the Easter weekend.  He loves the attitude of camaraderie there and feels like it just couldn’t be a more perfect fit for him right now.  We feel unspeakably blessed for this.
We’re working on baby proofing the whole apartment and it’s adding a dent to the ol’ budget.  Sheesh!  But I guess you can’t put a price on safety {about $70 so far…}.
I made Weight Watchers Lifetime member!  Go me.  But I’m itching to lose my last 5 pounds of baby weight and have mega plans to do so starting tomorrow.  I know what you’re thinking …. “Diets always start tomorrow!”  But mine really does.  And it’s not so much a diet as it is a healthy and responsible lifestyle, which is what I’ve been doing the past few months to maintain my weight in order to achieve Lifetime. I’m just going to kick it up a notch again.  Having said that, though, I could really use some encouragement!
Jameser has been teething the past week and has had a temp of +/-100 degrees every day.  He’s been trying really hard to have a good attitude about it but has been pretty needy and fairly whiney.  Poor wee man!  I guess a lot of medical professionals say you don’t get a fever with teething, but I googled it and sooooo many moms say their kiddos did.  So at least I assume it’s the teething. . . . we haven’t noticed any other signs or symptoms of anything that would suggest it’s something else.  Do any of your bubberses get fevers with teething?
Some highlights from the past few weeks via Instagram:  
Happy Easter!  I know my Savior died for me, but I also know he arose from the dead for me so that I can one day, too.  He lives and He is real and so is His Healing Love.  I hope you have a very special Easter Sunday and that you partake of that Love, because it’s for you.  
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  1. Sweet J says:

    GIRRRRRRL You are a success story to me. I am four months post pregnancy and only down about 30 pounds….30 to go. You can do it! And so can I! If I stop eating Easter cookies and watching Real Housewives! Yay us!

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