Earlybird Special: Shoes for Spring edition

I’m loving the spring weather around these parts lately.  And while I would say that fall and winter are my favorite seasons due to the adorable clothes that accompany them, I will admit that I am excited for spring and summer trends, too.  Here are some of my go-to shoes as of late and for the coming months:
The trustworthy FLATFORM!  I love this style and am dying to get a few more pairs that aren’t as high.  These are from JC Penney’s, about $30.
A little bit of a statement flat.  You can mix it with any type of outfit and it adds a little personality.  These are from Old Navy, on sale $12.
An exotic sandal.  I’m also jonesing for a bright red or orange pair of sandals.  What’s spring and summer without a good pair of sandals??  These are from Rue21 from a few years back, $10.
Another statement flat, but these have about a 1/2 inch wedge.  They are sophisticated but also a bit funky.  You can dress them up or dress them down.  From Macey’s, on sale $55.
Being 5’9″ makes it harder to find a good pair of heels that I don’t feel ogre-ish in, so I jumped when I saw these.  They are super funky and look so fun with a pair of bright tights.  I call them my Riverdance shoes.  From Nordstrom, on sale {and a gift} $90.
I love a good clog.  These are so comfortable and give a little bit of an earthy feel to any outfit.  From Kohl’s last season, I wanna say $30?
Another flat.  Leopard goes with everything, doesn’t it?  It’s a bit of a stretch from your comfort zone if you’re not used to it, but it has definitely become a staple in my wardrobe.  From Target online, $12.
I LOVE MY HUNTER RAIN BOOTS.  You can seriously wear these any way–casual, classy, comfy. . . And there’s nothing like rain boots to make a spring rain storm magical.  From Nordstrom, $125 {they were a gift}.
Let’s be honest–these are the shoes I really go to.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when these got too worn out.  It’s like walking on a cloud!  From Ross about three years ago, $7.


  1. Jes says:

    i love those leopard flats and i am still obsessed with finding a pair of hunter boots for me. and when i say “still obsessed”, i mean i am still going back and forth about color!

  2. Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ says:

    I LOVE those platform sandals! I used to have some when I was in 6th grade that looked just like that and I’ve been dying to get some more. Also, I know what you mean feeling ogerish/jolly green giant wearing heels and being tall! I would love to be 5’9″ rockin’ heels! Try it at 6′!!! haha. 😉 Miss you!

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