A few random littles from my nocturnal brain:

The past few nights have been less than restful for me.  I haven’t been feeling my best and just can’t seem to get comfortable in my bed.  The room is too hot in the middle of the night and James still wakes up around 3:00ish out of habit.  Last night I could not for the life of me fall back to sleep after helping him.  I was up from 3:00 to 6:00, tossing and turning, internet surfing on my phone, eating a bowl of Reese’s Peanut butter Cup cereal, watching last week’s episode of New Girl (it completes me), and just thinking.  So I thought I’d share with you some of the meaningless thoughts that my sleep surrendered to in the wee hours of this morning:

“I really wanna make those paper pinwheels I came across the other day.  They would be so easy!  I just need to get some cute double-sided paper and decide where to put them.”
“My face is so broken out right now and I can’t seem to do anything for it.  Frick.”
“I can’t stop thinking about my clothes.  Now that I’ve put my winter wardrobe away and donated a few bags of stuff I’m over to the local thrift store, I think I just might have something to work with this spring/summer.  And I can’t wait to wear the clothes I refashioned yesterday.”
“I really need to make that headboard.  My pillow keeps brushing up against the blinds and I can’t fall asleep!  I just need to sand the door down, get some crown molding and legs, paint them all and put it all together.  It’s really not that hard!  I just need to buckle down and do it, by gum.”
“I’m so happy that Bangkok Curry at Noodles and Co is only 14 points plus…”
“I am loving that book I’m reading.  I wish I could read some of it right now but I don’t want to wake John up…  Plus last week’s episode of New Girl is on hulu now, so I’ll just go watch that in the kitchen instead.  I just love Zoey.  She makes me feel so good about myself because she has made it okay to be a dork.  So instead of being insecure about my dorkiness, I can embrace it and rock it.  Long live the dorks.”

“Where the heck did my reddish/orange cardi go…”

“If I were to do the 30×30 remix, what clothes would I pick to use (see, I told you I couldn’t stop thinking about my clothes…)?  I really probably should do this because I have been spending way too much money on shopping sprees lately… I need to take a chill pill and shop from my closet–for the sake of my marriage.”  
“Maybe I should go clean.  I just love to clean a clean house.”
“Julie Taylor is so manipulative in season 5 of Friday Night Lights.  What will I do with myself when we finish that series?”
“I can’t wait for the Bijou Market this weekend!!  Not that I have any money to purchase things with….mabye I’ll ask my dad for a wee shopping scholarship. . . .”  Oh, Daddy?  
“I have GOT to redo my blog design. . . but I promised myself I’d keep this design up for at least a month.  So I’ve got about three weeks to go… guh.”
“I reeeaaally wanna try that bacon-wrapped meatloaf I saw on Rachel Ray the other week.  I can’t stop thinking about it….”
“My armpits itch.  Again.”
Exra littles:
Excited to do this link up
you should join the fun, 
today’s the last day to sign up!
This is gorge. . .
Do any of you use this camera? Thoughts?
Thinking of going this color . . .
Little obsessed with this blog, this blog,
this blog, this blog, and this blog lately.
And this is just sad!


  1. Julie says:

    Hahaha. I am laughing because I can totally relate to you. I had the SAME exact night two nights ago and could have written this post myself! Hope your nights get better soon. Try some before bed remedies!

    P.S. Just curious, what book are you reading that you mentioned you were loving? I’m trying to find a really good one!

  2. Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ says:

    haha I was couldn’t sleep much last night either! And I totally saw you on FB but I was so out of it that I knew I couldn’t have a coherent conversation at that moment. So I watched Arrested Development (even though I’ve seen all 3 seasons 2 times already) until I fell back asleep again… Next time I’ll bug ya on chat. 😉

    Also, reading your blog makes me miss you! ALSO, I think you and I REALLY need to go shopping together!! Seriously. xo

  3. Ben & Cassie says:

    I love this! I feel like i know you better now. My mind races at night too, and I too end up watching Tv shows in the living room! I hate losing clothes, hope you find your cardi!

  4. Kirsten Wiemer says:

    you are hilarious. i love new girl as well, just btw. but i know how you feel, thats how the past week has been for me, no sleep, seriously dying to tossing and turning in bed.


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