Seven for Sunday: 4th edition


This past week was Spring Break for John.  He needed it desperately and definitely made the most of it!  It may have been his greatest break ever, actually.  Activities ranged from dining out to snowshoeing to Temple tripping to frisbeeing at the park to basketball games to job interviews to GETTING A NEW JOB to entertaining family from out of state.  So, yeah, we sorta need a break from our break because we did so much.  But we’re not complaining at all.  It’ll be tough to send Daddy back to school next week, but there’s only a little over a month left in the semester!  Then on to the dreaded junior year of the engineering program…. I hear I’ll pretty much be widowed for a year.  But we’ll prepare for it emotionally and make the most of it.  It’s only for a little season, at least.

JOHN GOT A NEW JOB!!  It really is incredible.  He sent in his resume, interviewed, and was given the job all within a few days this past week.  It was all just such a whirl!  At some point during the process, though, I remember having the distinct impression for the first time in our marriage that my husband really wasn’t going to be a librarian forever.  Of course I had thought that before but this was the first time I actually felt it and that it was truly a reality.  So I went shopping!  Hahaha.  But not for anything amazing, just organization and storage supplies.  I live on the edge, baby.  Anyhoo, John will be designing cancer treatment supplies at this amazing little company that isn’t too big so he’ll get tons of hands-on experience.  He has told me that he couldn’t hand pick a better job if he had to.  It’s just perfect for us!  I’m so proud of my capable and brilliant husband.  There is so much peace that comes with knowing he can and does accomplish whatever he wants to.
Here’s a quick overview of how this all came to be and how God played a part in all of it:
John has gotten very frustrated this semester that none of his professors or T.A.s office hours are at practical times for him and other students.  He is always either in class or at work and can never make it to their office hours for help on his assignments.  One day last week he left work early to go to his professor’s office hours and get help on this perplexing assignment, but his professor wasn’t even there!   So in a huff he went to one of his old professors from a few semesters ago and asked if she could help him with his assignment–she had always really liked John and was impressed with his skillz.  She replied, “Well, I don’t teach this stuff, but let’s learn it together, shall we?”  So they did, and he was able to finish his assignment.  Later that day, John got an email from this sweet professor explaining an internship opportunity at this medical supply company.  She told John that the company forwarded her the information and asked her to forward it out to her best students, and that she thought he should apply.  And the rest is history, as they say.  So if John’s professor had been there during his office hours like he was supposed to be, this might not have panned out the way it did.  It was all just such a testament of God’s love for us and that the seemingly little things that are important to us are important to Him, too.
While there is nothing better than watching your child grow and develop right before your eyes, I can’t help but feel like my heart chokes sometimes at how fast this is all going.  My son is HUGE.  He even has a neck now!  All his baby chub is leaning out and he looks like a little boy, not an infant anymore.  It’s just all too fast for this mama’s heart!!  Having said that, though, he is at a stage where it really is nothing but fun.  He sleeps well, he can self-sooth and entertain, and he is just a ham.  He fusses a little because he’s teething, but we are all just having a great time being a little family.  The majority of the stress of his first 6 months is gone!  And he’s big enough to cuddle with me and kiss me and give me raspberries on my neck.  Motherhood truly is heaven on earth.

Funny story: This past week, John’s 16-year-old bro Marshall played in the regional championship for Church ball.  It was neck and neck the whole game, and the refs were on total power trips!  I’ve never seen so many ‘technicals’ called in one game, let alone a CHURCH BALL game.  They weren’t even putting up with stink eyes.  And that makes it sound like the players were all punks, but they were angels!  So well behaved.  But these refs must have been trying to prove some kind of point, because they were seriously not putting up with anything less than Christ-like ballers.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about sportsmanlike conduct, but those calls really did get out of hand….
Anyway, there was about three minutes left in the game and we were behind by one point.  A foul was called and the boys stepped up to the line.  As they were getting ready to proceed with the shots, sweet, innocent Marshall made a comment referring to the other team, somewhere along the lines of “You guys are so tall, it’s ridiculous!” 
Yup, Marshall got a T with only three minutes left and was taken out of the game. 
We lost by one point!
And it turns out the ref thought Marshall said, “That call was ridiculous!” which is what he got the technical for… And he ended up coming up to Marshall after the game and apologizing for the mix up.
The mix up that cost us the game… yeah, that one.
So, that is the story of the first of all of John’s family to get a technical, but that technically wasn’t even a technical…
We had a great St. Patrick’s Day around these parts.  The leprechauns came and turned the milk green and took the liberty of using our toilet and not flushing.  Those scoundrels!  And we had a lovely party at my cousin’s house, with a huge spread of green food to boot.  It was also my grandma’s and grandpa’s 61st wedding anniversary, so we wrote my grandma little love notes on paper shamrocks and reminisced of my darling grandpa.  It was so sweet of Haley to organize it all.  She even had my grandma’s wedding dress hanging up for us all to see!  It was so touching.  I also recalled reasons why I love Ireland so much and was able to reflect upon my family away from home.  I’ll get back there one day, I promise!

Our week in photos:
playing at the park/my forever
a man with skis on a walker/Papa John’s
chubbiness/family snowshoeing excursion
the Temple/Bangkok Curry
breakfast for daddy before his job interview/walk with the cousins
love him in his hat ‘n mittens/the green spread on St. Patty’s
scenery while snowshoeing/my boys

General Conference is coming soon!!  Don’t know what it is?  Learn about it -here-.  And this one is one of my all time favorite talks given at a General Conference.

Have a wonderful Sabbath Day, my pretties!


  1. Jes says:

    such great pictures and such great news about john! congratulations to him and your adorable little family!!!! xx jes, www.

  2. Crystal ~Skittle Bug~ says:

    Congrats on John’s new job! So exciting! Also, is he skiing while James is wrapped around him?? Woa! I would kill my baby that way. That is, if I had a baby (which I don’t)AND if I skied in the first place (which I ALSO don’t…because I’m TERRIBLE- hence the reason for the “killing” taking place) haha! What I’m trying to say is I’m impressed with his skills!!

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