Seven for Sunday: 3rd edition


I just can’t thank you all enough for the unspeakably tender words of encouragement you have been emailing me and posting to me.  I FEEL THE LOVE!  Oh, how I wish I had enough time to reply to each comment and each email.  While I do read every single one, I simply can’t devote the time needed to reply to each one.  But please know they are deeply appreciated.  You guys are really changing my life and the way I see the world.  Thank you, so so much.
A little bit more about the blog, and then I’ll be done:  
You may have read my post yesterday about selling ad slots starting on April 1, 2012.  I am so excited about this.  Please get the word out!  You won’t find a better deal for the amount of exposure you’ll get by sponsoring Hopes and Dreams.  We would LOVE to work with you!!
Lastly, it’s adorable how much John is getting in to this lil’ blog’s growth.  He’s like my manager.  We strategize and project and brainstorm different post ideas, and he gets all fired up.  Needless to say, we have some AWESOME posts coming your way soon, so stay tuned…

My dear friend at work is having her second baby, but first boy, in a few weeks.  We decided to celebrate by all going out to dinner and getting her some little boy-gifts.  Here are a few onesies I made her bubbers:

You know how skulls and crossbones are kinda trendy with the boy clothes these days?  Well, I don’t get it.  But I decided to attempt making a classier skull and crossbones, just to see how I really felt about it, and it just turned out looking like a snowman ghost.  Oh well.

You are now looking at a Holladay City Traffic School Graduate!
That’s right, folks, I had to go to traffic schil
{that’s how we pronounce that word in my family}.
And it wasn’t terrible!
I actually learned some very valuable things and I am proud to announce that I am an amazing driver now.  I’ve been working on my driving this year as a New Year’s res, and I sincerely have gotten sooooo much better at the not-speeding.  In fact, I have not consciously sped once this entire year {the ticket I had to go to traffic school for was from last year, waa waa}, and if I look down and see that I’m going too fast, I immediately slow to the speed limit.  And guess what—I don’t freak out when I see the fuzz anymore because I have a clear conscience and a pure heart as a Utah driver.
Here’s some driving food for thought for you, but don’t eat it while you’re driving because that can be classified as “distracted driving” and you could get a ticket, I’ve recently learned:

The traffic school teacher gave us some calculations and explained that if you are driving in a residential area at 30 mph and a child x-feet ahead jumps out in front of you, with the delay time, reaction time, and stopping time, you would still hit that child at 17 mph.  BUT if you are driving 25 mph in a residential area {the designated limit for those roads} and said child jumps out in the road x-feet ahead of you, with everything else being the same as the first scenario, you will stop one foot before you hit the child.  That really put things into perspective for me.
Sure as heck don’t go over 25 mph in neighborhoods anymore.

James had the biggest blowout of his life this week.  We were standing in line at Michael’s.  The line was at LEAST 10 minutes long.  That’s 10 minutes, plus the time it took to lug him out to the car and lug him back in our house, of me holding the stinkiest, slimiest, cutest bubbers I’ve ever held.  Nice.


My poor older but cuter-than-me sis Andee got her tonsils out this week.  She had gotten strep at least 5 times within the previous 8 weeks, so it was time.  I guess it’s way worse if you have to get them out as an adult than if you get them out as a child?  And she has two toddlers running around at home.  I can’t imagine how hard the next week or so will be for her and her bubberses as she recovers.  Send some thoughts and prayers her way, eh?

Here are a few shots from the week, not too much this time around:


post-bath cozies

just reading in m’overalls, mama

fell asleep on the floor

This week also included:
Lunch with old friends and {hopefully} future sisters-in-law {Just 9 more months, Mere!}
A wedding reception with awesome lime slushies
Basking in the 56 degree sun and playing on the swing set

Mary Kate, this one is for you.  You are stronger than you know.

Enjoy your Sabbath! 

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  1. Lexy says:

    The middle onesie is my favorite!

    And yeah, I guess bleeding is a way bigger problem when adults get their tonsils taken out. I hope all goes well!

    Love the pics of your baby boy! He’s adorable!

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