Seven for Sunday: 2nd edition

Folks, I am faREAKing out here!  I had no idea this list of questions would get so much hype!! I guess it’s having a lot of success on Pinterest?  GGGaaahhh!  I mean, MY LIL’ OL’ BLOG CHILD GOT 16, 000 HITS THE OTHER DAY.   What the heck?!?!  And thanks to it, my cute little “followers” box over there on my sidebar broke the “100 followers” wall this morning and my sweet husband surprised me with this to celebrate:
Teee heee heee!  He made me breakfast this morning because he is so excited for Hopes&Dreams, hahaha!  He is so precious to me and I absolutely melt at how thrilled he gets whenever I get a new “follower.”  He is one supportive hub.  Thank you, Lover, and thank you all of you guys who read my quacky antics and play along with my little games. While you’re here, you should check out my sponsors on my right sidebar.  Something fun for ya to do?
James has been teething.  Again.  So his sleep patterns are hit and miss.  Again.  But I’m not complaining because I know he CAN sleep through the night, even if he doesn’t EVERY night.  There is just so much relief that comes with that.  Plus I don’t think it could ever get as bad as it was.  Until the next kiddo, at least, but even then I’ll know that it’s only REALLY tough for the first six months.  Again, so much relief with that.  I seriously want ten kids.
I’ve been thinking so much about my in-laws lately.  I honestly never DREAMED it could be this wonderful.  I love them so desperately and so purely and so devotedly and I am humbled and honored that they have accepted me as their own.  I would do anything for them.  With all the genuineness in my heart I say that I cannot think of stronger, sweeter, more compassionate people.  I learn so much from them every day.  Love you Grammy Erin and Papa John!
At the suggestion of my darling husband, I have been studying Peace lately for my daily scripture study. Something that I’ve realized is that if you want peace in your life you have to make sacrifices.  It really comes down to how much you want peace in your life vs. how much you want things that keep peace from being in your life, in your life.  Maybe I’ll write a post about this soon.  
My cute little sister Ellie suggested the other week that we start trading off babysitting every other weekend or so, so that we can go on hot dates with our men once in a while.  Last night she and her husband Gary tended for us while John and I hit up our favorite special restaurant, Joy Luck.  It was short and sweet, but just what we needed.  We’re excited to tend our little baby Breezers for them next time:
Here is our week in photos:
A little face-making, a little Costco, a little Joy Luck date night, a little family walking, a little blogging, a little obsessed with our kid.
Who needs a DSLR when you can just Gram it?
I love my Savior Jesus Christ.
Some Sabbath inspiration –here

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  1. madison elizabeth mackey says:

    haha! i am one of the little icons in the 102 followers pic! so honored to be featured on your blog 🙂 y’alls little family is so beautiful and I have loved every post i’ve read! thanks for sharing!

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