Earlybird Special: diy tour edition

First and foremost, thank you Crystal and Jes for this awesome idea!  It reminded me of this post and had me chuckling.  You girls are two hoots.  Head over there and join the fun!
Secondly, ‘earlybird’ is my favorite filter on Instagram.  I think you could take a picture of a poopy diaper and make it look amazing with this filter.  So I’ve decided to do a series of sorts, featuring different things I love in the earlybird format.  Today is the first installment:
DIY projects around my house
coffee filter lampshade/earring holder
bedside tables
pillows for James’ nursery

framed pin board and push pins

bathroom shelf/burlap hand and foot prints of James

Euro shams and bedding/framed chalkboard

James’ mobile
There you have it.  Other projects on the horizon involve a lot of spray paint and an upright piano, a vintage teapot and flowers, and an old antique door that wants to pose as a headboard.  So excited for the weekend!!


  1. Jes says:

    earlybird is definitely my favorite too.
    i had no idea that first picture was a coffee filter?!
    have a great weekend, lovely!
    xx jes

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