Baby James: Seven months old

18.2 pounds {25th-50th percentile} 
26 inches {5th-10th percentile}
Dudeski, Bubbers, Pal, Dude, Broski
pulling your socks off, slithering around like a snake as your form of crawling, playing with all your toys, playing with Aunt Libby, flexing your muscles like Chuck Norris, gabbing away, shrugging your shoulders up to your ears, shaking your head no
shoes, homemade carrot baby food, not being the center of attention 
what Mama loves most about you right now:
KISSING YOUR DELICIOUS CHEEKS! Spying on you and Daddy when Daddy is putting you to bed, when you do ‘Chuck Norris,’ your awesome sleeping habits, your teethy grin, the way you chew on your tongue and lips, your form of transportation, post-nap cuddles, the way you giggle every time she changes your diaper
what Daddy loves most about you right now:
putting you down to bed, your two teethies, reading time, practicing animal sounds, watching Arthur together in the wee hours of the morn, your special Valentine’s Day gift
Other James-isms from the seventh month:
Your first Valentine’s Day!  You gave darling hug valentines to everyone
You have more personality than we can describe
You officially sit up on your own for as long as you want
You are starting to copy sounds and actions
You’re eating all sorts of solids, and loving them for the most part
You are learning some basic sign language and animal sounds
You hold your bottle all by yourself when you are lying down
Some fun little videos:
{Peas? Not so much.}
About 5 months
{Carrots? Oh yeeeaaaah.}
About 5 months
7 months