23/30 Things: Hobbies

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23.  List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.
This is pretty close to number 8, but I don’t want to be redundant with this entry.  I thought I’d just simplify this one and strip down my many hobbies that I’m obsessed with at the moment and think of the raw little things I turn to the most in my current life when I’m not spending time with my hubs and bubs.  Warning: if you haven’t realized by now how boring I am, you’ll realize it after you see what I do in my spare time.

Just between you and me, my brain is always racing with ideas and feelings and impressions that I want to write about.  That’s not to say I don’t live in the moment and don’t appreciate what’s going on in reality around me, I just love thinking of words that I can use to describe what heart and my brain and my soul are experiencing.  I may not be that exciting, but putting ‘me’ to words–and beautiful words, at that–helps me see the deep beauty of my life and to appreciate the little things about it.
I just love it!  There’s nothing like an awesome recipe to make cooking come to life.  And the more recipes I follow the more creative I can get with my own creations.  I am of the belief that ANYONE can cook if they have the right recipe.  But the main reason I love cooking is that food brings people together.  Delicious food has a way of letting peoples’ guards down and nurturing relationships, too.  I grew up with family dinners every night and that is something that is so important to John and me to incorporate into our own little family culture. 
We’ve been over this before–I love to be creative!  It frees something inside of me and helps me when I’m bored or blue.  My go-to forms of creativity of late would include cutesifying our apartment, thinking of outfits, repurposing old furniture, and making bow ties and accessories.  Although I enjoy many other forms, as well.
listening to The Mormon Channel
The radio program Enduring It Well, to be precise.  Each episode is the host interviewing someone who has experienced an unthinkable trial but who has found strength through Jesus Christ to endure it well. The faith that those people demonstrate through difficult times is truly inspiring.  Because of this program I have found the fortitude and the conviction to have grace and optimism through hard trials of my own [although they surely don’t compare to those of the people interviewed on this program].  Even though my life may seem somewhat easy at times, if I apply the things this program has taught me in the day to day hardships, I’m building a foundation of strength for if/when harder things happen.  This radio program has sincerely changed my heart and my life.  
playdates with my sisters and mom
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:  We are kind of obsessed with each other.  Plus now almost all of us [one day soon, Kitz!] are in the same stage of life and it is so fun to have little bubberses crawling and scooting and skipping around, playing with each other.  We all parent a little differently, but we all do a great job of helping each other raise our kiddos.  Plus they are just my best friends.  I love who I am when I’m with these women and I love who they think I am, too.  They are all so incredibly compassionate and fun and crazy and humble.  I am so blessed to have them as such a predominant part of my life.
Memorial Day 2011
Tune in next time: Describe your family dynamic of your childhood versus your family dynamic now.

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