20/30 Things: Childhood

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20. Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.


There was the time that I chipped my tooth.  

I was about seven or eight.  I was kneeling on a pillow, scootching around the kitchen floor.  I was having so much fun until I scootched but the pillow didn’t follow.  Inertia got the better of me and I flung forward and banged my face into the hardwood floor.  Over half of my front left tooth broke off, and the other half died.  I ended up getting composite on the tooth to give it its shape back until my teeth were mature enough to get veneers one day, which wasn’t until I was 17 years old.  I went my entire childhood with a gray top-halved/nasty-composite bottom-halved tooth.

One time a friend chipped her tooth, as well, and went to the same dentist I went to to get it fixed.  I had an appointment very soon after this friend, and the hygienist told me that my friend said, “Just don’t make it look like Jessi’s.”  It didn’t hurt so much that my friend had said that as it did that the hygienist thought she could tell me that.  I was so young and so insecure already.

Another time I threw a surprise party for my dear friend Mindy, but my tooth composite broke off {which happened very regularly} right when everyone was getting there.  So I spent the entire party up in her room with my hillbilly tooth.

So I finally got the veneers when I was a junior in high school.  It wasn’t until I got them that I realized I hadn’t been fully smiling for the past ten years.  I will never forget what it felt like to stretch my cheeks and fit a huge, REAL smile on my face for the first time.  I was beautiful.  I was untouchable.  I had never felt that kind of confidence before.  

There was the time that I shaved off my widows peak.

I was 12 or 13 and I let a beauty-student-neighbor give me a perm.  The solution dripped down my face and left a huge burn across my forehead to my temple, down to my ear, leaving no survivors.  Including my widows peak.  So I thought the best course of action was to just keep it shaven.  However, every time I shaved it I got a little deeper and deeper into my hairline.  So I had this huge chunk of hair missing, front and center of my ‘do.  Pair that with my ugly teeth and acne and you got one. awkward. stage.  I tried to cut bangs to cover it up, but I was always having to adjust the bangs to make sure they were doing their job.  It took over a year to grow it out.  Now I cherish my widows peak.

There was the time I got my first boyfriend.

I was 14 or 15 and I heard that Sean McPheirson had a crush on me.  So naturally I had to like him back, which was totally fine with me because a boy had never liked me before, what with my tooth and hair and all.  So it proved very convenient.  We chatted and flirted until he had a friend ask me to officially “go out with him.”  That was when we stopped talking, in true middle-school fashion.  It lasted about a month until he had the same friend break up with me on the last day of Ninth Grade.  I promised myself I would never love again.

But we all know that didn’t last….


Tune in next time: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?

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