Valentine’s Day 2012:

This might have been the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.  There’s such peace that comes with knowing I’ll never be emotionally alone on February 14th, ever again.  And I couldn’t be more humbled or more grateful for who I get to share it with forever more.  Here is a little recap of how our day went:
Finished up some Valentine crafts in the morning
Met up with my mom and some of my sisters for lunch {missed you, Kels!} and gave them their love notes.  James also gave his cousins some little Valentines he made for them {inspired by this one}.
Then James and I took some love treats to the gals at work and to our landlords {similar to these ones}.
A little later, John came home early from school and we went up to Uncle James’ grave to send up a love note from Baby James to him in Heaven.  This was such a special experience and is most definitely a tradition in the making.

James’ Valentine to Uncle James


Right after that we dropped James off to the babysitter {my adorable friend, Melissa, CALLED ME to ASK if she could tend James for us on V-Day so we could go out….uh, heck YES! I know, we were shocked at her kindness, too.}
John and I then went to Noodles and Co {it’s one of our special places} and flirted relentlessly, just like we used to when our love was so fresh in the beginning stages of our relationship.  It helped me realize that our love is still fresh, it’s just deeper and more comfortable because of everything we’ve experienced together.  He made me a mix of a list of songs I have been itching to download for months now, and we listened to it and sang along as we drove around.  I was in heaven!  Next we went to “The Vow.” 
I hate that movie.  
It made me SO ORNERY.  
But it was fun to cuddle up to my boo at the theater so that everyone knew he was mine {you know, because everyone was looking at us and not watching the movie…}.  Then we headed back to pick up Jameser and made our way home.  Because I was so ornery from the movie, we decided to watch some “Friday Night Lights” {our obsession of late} to get me happy again.  And it worked:).  
James then gave his daddy his Valentine Surprise.  I got 14 balloons and filled each one with a reason why James loves his Dad.  John popped each one to discover what each message was.  He loved it, and James had fun watching him pop the balloons.  Then we played with James before bed, put him down, and exchanged some gifts ourselves.
John got me some craft supplies {he speaky me language!} and wrote me a beautiful love letter about the memories we are creating and the life we have together.  It was just precious.  He did cheat, however, and spent money on me.  But of course I loved that:).  His justification was, “I just so happened to buy something for you, for no reason at all, and Valentine’s Day just so happened to be coming up, so I thought I’d just give it to you then!” But I went totally free!  And I don’t think he’s loved anything I’ve given him more than he loved what I gave him that night.  I decorated the bedroom with hanging 14 hearts from the ceiling.  I wrote a memory from our relationship on each heart {inspired by this idea}.  Then I gave him a special treat {inspired by this idea}:  I made 14 paper fortune cookies, with special “married couples only” fortunes in them that I thought up, and put them in a Chinese takeout box labeled “You Might Get ‘Fortunate’!”  He LOVED IT.  I must say that it really was so awesome, and I was quite proud of myself for how well it all turned out.

With the popped balloons from James
Jameser liked the hanging hearts, too!
I put so much effort and emotion and excitement into John’s gift, I actually totally forgot that I would even be getting anything for Valentine’s Day!  It wasn’t until lunchtime on February 14th that I had the realization, “Oh yeah!  John is going to get me something, too!”  If you know me, you know this is totally uncharacteristic of me because I LOVE GETTING PRESENTS.  If there is a holiday coming up where I will be getting a gift, I dream about what I could be getting for weeks, even MONTHS in advance.  At the end of the day, though, I think the reason Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday is because I get to give my love away to everyone closest to me.  Valentine’s Day helps me remember that giving really is so much better than getting, especially when it comes to giving love:).  But I sure felt the love this Valentine’s Day, too.  It was the perfect day!
Here are some little anecdotes, c/o Dove chocolate, that I thought were fun for Valentine’s Day:
and my favorite:

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day too!



  1. Erin says:

    Seeing the note from baby James to big James made me cry. So so sweet! And the photo of baby in his little man hat sitting on his uncle’s grave is just so precious. We all read our love notes over and over. They are so special to us. We love you!!!

  2. CKE says:

    What a sweet day!! I love the balloons from baby James to Uncle James. My John did hanging hearts for me on our first Valentine’s after we were married! Love the idea! And I love your fortune cookies too! You’re so creative! 🙂

  3. Jayme and Mendi says:

    ok, this was the perfect post for me to read first thing in the morning. Seriously your family is the sweetest! I love how you love Valentine’s Day and made it so special for one another and included baby James.
    Also, thanks so much for answering the Winter Besties questions for us. We love reading those!
    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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