Seven for Sunday: 1st edition

With all of the series and features and link up posts I’m doing each week, I thought it would be nice to have a weekly update of recent things going on in our lives, or feelings and impressions that have been taking up some heart space of mine, so that I can still have a record of our family activities and such.  [Inspired by this idea]  So here we go!
James has now started to sleep through the night and I can’t TELL you how much of a difference it makes in all of our lives.  Parenting now is just nothing but fun.  I’m much less stressed and anxious, and I am confident that’s because I’m getting much better sleep.  It’s incredible what that 6-month-marker did for us!  James is just so fun and happy all the time, and he’s really growing into his spirit.  Those first 6 months were great, too, but I feel like ever since he hit that mark it’s just all payoff now for the stressful moments of the first half of his first year of life.  John and I are continually shocked at how much we love this kid and how stinking adorable he is. 
My grandma was recently moved into an assisted living center and my mother has been in charge of cleaning her house and getting it ready to put up for sale.  Consequently there is a lot of stuff she has to get rid of.  So I joined her one day at my Grandma’s house and went through tons of old vintage jewelry and scarves and belts and clothes and was able to make a total haul!  My Grandma has always been on the fashion train throughout each era and there was total gold in them drawers.  I am soooo excited about this, folks!
We went on such an adorable little impromptu family date last night.  John took us bowling and to Burger King {my choice} for kids meals.  It was just so fun to get out as a family and show off our delightful little dude.  I was all about the trash talk during the beginning of the bowling game, but then I felt really bad as John demonstrated less than stellar skills…. Luckily he just needed a little warm up and still totally thrashed me, so I didn’t feel as bad about the trash talkin.  Usually I get really competitive and get bugged that John always wins at whatever we are playing, but I was pretty relieved this time. 
I’ve decided I’m not doing Lent this year.  Honestly, I’m kinda over it, at least this time around.  I didn’t have any terrible habits that needed mastering, so the little goals I made for Lent just became annoying.  I lasted about three days before the T.V. was back on, chocolate was in my belly, and Facebook and I made up.  This is the first year I haven’t been super determined and motivated, so I was a little disappointed in myself.  But then I remembered that I’m not even Catholic, so I have no obligation to Lent anyway!  I’ve loved having that be a tradition ever since I lived in Ireland for a year and a half about 5 years ago, and it was such a big deal there.  So I’ll try again next year.
This past week I attended a little blogger meet up down in Provo.  I was so scared to go, actually.  I have a tendency to over-think social interactions and I was so nervous that I wouldn’t have anything to say to these women and that I would just come across as a big lug.  But let me tell you that it was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in such a long time!  All the girls I met were absolutely genuine, compassionate, humble, and out-reaching.  Here are a few of the gals I met {some of whom I already knew….and I thanks Sarah for providing these pictures since I didn’t have my camera!}


Other bloggers I met up with and love:
John and I are currently in love with Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  You need to seriously start watching this.  Tonight, I tell you.  We just started the second season and I must say that I am pretty emotionally invested in these characters.  But I have a tendency to become addicted to get into stuff like this pretty deeply.  John likes it, too, but I’m usually the one who forces him to watch a third episode in a night with me before going to bed.  And he does because he loves me.  And Lila Gharity…
This past week my mother-in-law, Erin, went on a little trip so we helped out with Libby for a few days. We were going to sleep over but decided against it because we didn’t want to mess with James’ newly matured sleep schedule {and John’s dad and brothers were still home, anyway}.  John did sleep over one night to help her get ready for school in the morning, and I came over another morning to help.  She is just so fun to be around.  It’s so precious to see how excited she gets about Baby James, and how much he just adores his aunt Lib.  They’ll be special friends forever.




  1. Courtney B says:

    I am sooo sad we moved because I totally would’ve been at that blogger meet up! Alycia Crowley is my sister in law 🙂
    I am SO glad you said you guys love Friday Night Lights. We just finished a series (Psych- so funny) and don’t know what to watch!
    Have you seen Bones?? It took us a few episodes to get into it but that is by FAR my favorite series 🙂

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