Love: A Story {part 5}

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“So by the beginning of October I noticed that John’s and my relationship was getting deeper and truer and I began to wonder if he had marriage in mind. I resolved to not be the one to introduce that topic, though, because we hadn’t been dating that long and I didn’t want to scare him or pressure him. However, he kept making all these remarks that led me to believe he wanted that and soon. But he never brought it up directly. I kept trying to set up conversations that would trick him into bringing it up but they never worked. I was going crazy with curiosity and needed some kind of idea of what he was thinking so I could pace my emotions.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I finally cracked and indirectly brought it up in a way that made him have to address it. Turns out that he had been thinking about it for a while but wanted to SUPRIRSE me with a PROPOSAL! I was so grateful that we could finally talk about it and start moving forward. And I was so touched at how excited John was when we talked about it and how genuinely he loves me. We kept it from the rest of my family but began tossing ideas back and forth for a December wedding. I had no idea when he was going to officially propose, though.
One a Thursday we were on a date and John got a phone call from a number he didn’t recognize. When he picked it up and realized it was my DAD returning a call that I was unaware John had made, John knew his cover had been blown. He had looked up my dad’s work number online and called him earlier that day to see if they could get together for “a chat.” So when my dad called him back it was pretty obvious why John had initially called. But bless his heart, he thought super quick on his feet and came up with an amazing excuse for calling my dad so that I wouldn’t suspect anything. He told my dad he needed legal advice… but I saw right through it! However, John told my dad that he was going to be out of town for about a week and they would try to get together after he got back. So I thought it wasn’t going to happen for at least another week and a half, because that would be the first chance they’d have to get together to have a “chat.”
That’s where he fooled me. The following Saturday John called me at work and gave me a heads up for a date we were planning on going on that night. He said that he had a midterm for his photo class due the next week so he wanted to take me up into the canyon to take some pictures of me to turn in. He also explained that afterwards we were going to meet up with his family to see a movie, and that we’d grab dinner at some point. It sounded great to me! So he picked me up for the photo shoot and said that his mom ended up bringing Kneaders home for dinner and suggested we take it with us to eat as a picnic while we were up the canyon. It was a beautiful fall day and the canyon was breathtaking. We made stops in different locations up Little Cottonwood to take photos and were just having a great time. Here and there his family would call and ask when we were going to meet up for the movie and what theater it was at and if we needed tickets, etc. All the while he was lugging around the picnic basket, too, and it all seemed very casual to me. We were just strolling through the woods…no big deal, right?
Little did I know what was really in store. As we turned down a small path in between the trees to head to a stream, I beheld a beautiful dining room set up in the middle of a clearing. I was shocked. John said, “What do you know! It looks like someone knew we wanted to have a picnic today!” My immediate thought was, “What is going on…is this really it? Or is John just trying to throw me off so that I won’t ever see it coming….I mean, he hasn’t even talked to my dad yet!!” 
I was still pretty shocked when John pulled me over to the dining table and proceeded with his plans. He read me a beautiful poem about love by his favorite poet, Billy Collins, and then told me how much he loves me and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. It wasn’t until he knelt down on one knee that I realized it really was happening, and I began to get pretty emotional. He looked up into my eyes and told me that he wants me to be his WIFE. He then pulled out this tiny baby pumpkin with a diamond ring tied to the stem and asked me if I would marry him. Everything was so surreal and beautiful and it was so overwhelming to process. But it was the most precious and sacred moment of my life and I felt like I could fly. We ate our beautiful dinner together in the woods on a gorgeous dining table and took in everything about the experience. It was a fairy tale for me, and I will never forget this moment. Oh, and I said yes!
Turns out his family had been up the canyon all morning setting everything up, and that all the movie talk was “code” for whether or not they were ready for us to “happen upon” the dining table. John didn’t even have a midterm due! Everything was hidden so well from me and I really had no idea it was coming so soon. Turns out John had in fact spoken with me dad already, I just didn’t it.  After his little “phone call foible” he decided he needed to make this all happen before he went out of town.  Only then would he ensure my obliviousness, because he knew I would never expect it until after he got back.  So he met with my dad for lunch the day before he proposed and explained to him that he wanted to propose the next day. My dad knew for a whole day and didn’t even let on! Very impressive. Even more impressive was that my MOTHER knew too and didn’t give me any hints! It all worked out so perfectly.
John took my dad out to lunch to ask for my hand
One last cute little thing John did for this experience was write a resume to give to my dad when they went out to lunch. SO ADORABLE. 
John is the most considerate man I have ever known. He put so much into how he was going to propose, which is only a reflection of how much he invests in our relationship in general. I could not ask for a better man or a truer friend to be able to share eternity with. I am going to have the best life ever with my dream boy, John William H.”


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