Love: A Story {part 2}

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“So that’s how the first date came about, but I want to tell you how it and the following few dates went.   Obviously they were successful, but I want to give some details.
When John came to pick me up for that first date, Rob and Andee’s whole family was there for Joshy’s {my nephew} birthday bbq.  I would normally wait to expose a guy to my entire family but I didn’t really care this time, for some reason.  I was out on the back porch when John came.  As he walked through the door to the back yard I remember being surprised.  I thought to myself, “Oh!  How did I not notice how cute he is before now!”  Maybe because I had never seen him in street clothes before, since all of our previous interactions were at church?  Then I saw him interacting with my family and I was surprised again.  I thought, “He is so great with the fam!  How the HECK did I not notice how cute he is before now!!!!”  And my family loved him.  We left to get dinner and not shortly after we were gone I began getting text messages from my sisters saying how cute they think he is and how I should totally go for him.  Turns out I didn’t need to “go for him” because he has pursued me from all fronts.  So instead I’ve just let him “go for me.”
We went to Noodles and Co. for dinner and talked the whole time.  He had made a mix on his iPod for our date so we listened to that when we were driving to and from activities.  I noticed that he and I had the exact same taste in music, which may or may not have contributed to me falling for him faster than expected… I LOVED that we had that in common, because music is so important to me.  After dinner he took me to Sugarhouse Park to feed the ducks.  We went to the same location in the park where B. and I had broken up, but I didn’t even care.  It didn’t even remind me of him.  I was totally and completely into John.  We and I had deep, meaningful conversation as we fed the ducks, and even said the same thing at the same time on more than one occasion, like finishing-each-other’s-sentences style. Turns out we are exactly alike, but we compliment each other extremely well, too. 
After feeding the ducks, which was so fun and such a cute idea, I took him to see my new house that I’d be moving into within the next few weeks.  My landlord was there and ended up inviting John to help him move some furniture, which makes me giggle.  I remember thinking, “I bet my landlord thinks John is my boyfriend…and I kinda like that!  I wouldn’t mind if people thought he was my boyfriend!”  John was such a great sport, and so personable with everyone we met that night.  He’s just so nice!  On the way to the park we pulled over to help a stranded driver who’s car had broken down.  We’ve done that several times since, too.  That’s just what John does.  He helps people.  He has certainly helped me. 
To end the night, John took me to this adorable little crepe café called The Greenhouse Effect.  It’s a little hippie joint where everyone has tattoos and gauges and dreads and way more coolness than me.  Each little table had a chessboard at it, so we ate our delicious crepes and played chess.  And talked and talked and talked.  I noticed that he looked at me in a very special way when we talked.  And he asked me meaningful and insightful questions about myself.  It made me feel so important.  He was really doing everything right! 
When the night was over and John walked me to my door he said very sincerely that he really wanted to go out again.  It all just felt so easy and comfortable, and I told him that I really wanted to go out with him again too.  He mentioned that he might be going camping the next night, but that if he wasn’t he wanted to watch fireworks with me for the 24th of July {Pioneer Day in Utah}.  That sounded great to me, and I was excited that he wanted to see me again so soon.  It didn’t weird me out or disenchant me at all.  After he left I went to the last little bit of my friend’s party and was introduced to a guy that my friend had wanted to set me up with for a while.  Turns out he was super cute, but I didn’t even care.  I was still excited about John.  Plus John was pursuing me, so I knew he was interested in me too.  There wasn’t any guessing or waiting around with him.  So I chose John.”

Breakfast date at the park
Tune in next time for part 3!

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