Baby James: Six months old

16.98 pounds {37%}

25.2 inches {9%}

17.0 inches {34%}

Chubby Bubbers, Bro, Broski, Buddy, Bud, Jameser, Bubs, Chunky Monkey, Chunk, Dude

your saucer! bath time, carrots, babbling, grabbing, laughing your head off, rolling over to get to a desired location, playing in the mirror, Baby Geniuses, a certain spot on the kitchen floor, raking everything to explore texture, pulling your socks off

peas, bedtime, your crib, sleeping through the night {but you’re a great napper!}, binkies, the Bumbo

what Mama loves most about you right now:
You are so explorative and you you get so excited about the world, cuddling in bed after you wake up, the way you say ‘Dada,’ the way you put your feet in your mouth when you are lying on your back, the way you jump with excitement when you are in your saucer, the way you always reach for the things mama reaches for while she is holding you perched like her little parrot–it appears that you are trying to help her with all the things she is trying to get done, watching you play with your daddy

what Daddy loves most about your right now
working on saying “Da-da,” going to the Home Depot together and planning all the manly stuff we’re going to do, watching you roll around like a pro! lots of fun in your new saucer, bath time, crack-of-dawn Baby Animals reruns, playing Superman all around the house, never knew anything could make us so happy as you do!

other James-isms from the 6th month:
you’re starting on solids! so far you are a fan of the carrots {and the peas–not so much.}
you are so close to army crawling…it’s just a lot of wiggling around on your tummy so far
you’ve had a pretty bad cold lately, with a painful-sounding cough–
but you are still our happy little buddy!
you love bubbles at bath time {they go up your nose once in a while}
you are starting to sit up with only a tinsy bit of help!
you have tons of different cries, and they are each as dramatic as all get out
you babble and play with your tongue all the time
you pull your socks off and suck on them until they are drenched

James’ developmental report card, according to his Aunt Libby.
I’d say it’s pretty accurate, actually!


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