16/30 Things: Accomplished

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16. What are your 5 greatest accomplishments?


1. Being worthy to be married in the Temple.
2. Having James, and all that encompasses.
3. Forgiving people that hurt me. {Posts about that here and here.}
IC Council 2008
Starlee, Jen, Claudia, Kate, me, Ashley, Rachel [missing Stephanie]…
These girls helped me through some very hard times!

4. Serving a full-time mission for the LDS Church in Ireland for 19 months.
5. Getting a Bachelor’s Degree {7-year plan, baby!}, and being at the top of my department.
Other accomplishments of note:
  • I was debt free all through college, except for my car loan, and paid my way through school with just a little help from my parents
  • I paid off a 5-year car loan in one year
  • I lost 70 pounds {after gaining 70 pounds whilst pregnant} within 6 months of James’ birth
  • I got 2nd place in 5A State Tennis, with my little sister Ellie, my senior year in high school      {We may have gotten 2nd place, but our record was better than the team we lost to…}
  • Pretty sure I invented the word “duh” in kindergarten.  I specifically remember thinking of it all on my own and starting to say it all the time without ever hearing anyone say it before.  You’re welcome, World.
Tune in next time: What is the one thing you most wish you were great at?


  1. Starlee says:

    #1 – I just love you and these posts
    #2 – I would love to get some of your pics from our IC days (mine are on a computer in Africa somewhere)
    #3 – You are an amazing woman and I love knowing that I have such accomplished friends!

    luv you!

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