7/30 Things: Dream Job(s)

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7. What is your dream job, and why?


There are a few jobs on my list of dream jobs, any one of which would be awesome:

1. A Stay At Home Mom, and a GOOD one–one who has dinner ready every night, who has a clean house, who interacts with her kids compassionately, individually, regularly and playfully, who has healthy snacks waiting for them when they come home from school, who has spiritual Family Home Evenings ever y week, who has an amazing relationship with her husband–that kinda SAHM.

          *because family and the rearing of children is the most important thing to me

2. A caterer, but nothing too huge.  More like a small-party {no more than 50-ish guests} caterer.

          *because I LOOOOVE to cook and bake and menu plan

3. A small-party planner, ones with delicious food.

           *because I adore putting together little parties but would much rather not have to attend them as a guest after having just planned it.  Then people feel obligated to tell you how cute of a party it is, and I’d just rather avoid that all together {I don’t do well with compliments…even though of course I love them.}.  Unless someone paid me to throw them an awesomely cute party where I wouldn’t really know anyone there if they needed me to stay and help with the execution {bad word choice, but couldn’t think of anything else to use}.  Then those strangers could compliment my skills alls they want.

4. A Makeup artist {which I already am} slash fashion advisor on a T.V. show or something.

            *because I love me some good makeup and fashion

5. A writer–of books, children books, blog posts, songs, poems, articles, and anything else writable.  But mostly blogs, songs, and children books.

           *because I love it!

6. A Professor of Family and Relationship Communication.

           *because I absolutely LOVED my major and would love to teach the things I       learned at a university level

7. Painter of beautiful paintings {not a painter of fences}

          *because I love to express myself in any creative way possible, and painting is something I’d like to get better at

There are some other things, too, that I’ve thought of in the past that I’d love to do but they just aren’t coming to me right now.  At the end of the day, though, I’m all about #1, and feel it my life’s mission to aspire to it in every way I can.  I’m lucky to have a husband who supports in that, and in any other endeavors I have.

Tune in tomorrow: What are 5 passions you have?