2011 Roundup:

H. Family 2011 Review:
  • PREGNANCY!  Jessi gained 70 pounds!
  • Baby-moon to San Francisco
  • Welcome Baby Bree, our first niece, in March 2011
  • Welcome Gracie, the new H. Family puppy
  • Bon Jovi concert for Valentine’s Day
  • Moved to anew apartment, our third in the first 13 months of marriage
  • Bear Lake trip with the D. Family
  • JW is halfway through his second year of the Mechanical Engineering program
  • Jessi officially graduated after having to go back to school
  • Welcome Home, Elder Tanner H.!
  • Until we meet again, Grandma Marilyn
  • John works at the Marriott Library at the U of U
  • Jessi works at Hand and Ortho as a receptionist
  • Celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary
  • Jessi is the primary chorister
  • John William is the 11-year-old scout leader
  • WELCOME BABY JAMES 7-27-2011
  • Lots of blogging, crafting, diapers, spit up, and love
To 2011, the greatest year of our lives:
Thank you for all you brought to us.  It wasn’t an easy year, but it was the most rewarding year we have ever had.  We can’t help but feel abundantly blessed and are humbled at God’s love for our little family.  We are so grateful for our life, especially for our little prince of a son, James.  He has given more meaning to all of our other blessings, and has helped us realize what matters most.  
Here’s to a great 2012!  
May all your hopes and dreams come true.    


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