10/30 Things: Embarrassing

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10. Describe your most embarrassing moment.

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So, I used to perfom at Lagoon Amusement Park {2004 season}.  I was in a kids show called “Elliot’s Imagination Adventure” and played a self-absorbed poppy named “Vi” that helped a little kid and a bird become pals. Three shows a day, six days a week, with a photo op on Saturday afternoons before our last show of the day, for three months.  It was a jolly good time.  And I absolutely LOVED my cast.
The cast with our groupies
Front row left to right: Tiffany, Ethan, Emily, Cody, Natalie
Back row left to right: Trevor, Me, Nate
There was this 5 year old fan named Emily who was obsessed with me.  She and her grandma lived in Lagoon’s zip code so they got free admission to the park for shows only, and she came every. single. day. the. entire. summer…
Emily sat front and center every show and eventually learned all of my dance moves and solos so that she could sing and dance along with me.  I have to admit that it was adorable and I was grateful that she was my groupie, and not the creepers who were obsessed with the teen show.  {However, there was a middle-aged man who did attend all of the kids shows too, so that was a little unnerving for multiple reasons…to say the least.  There are some weirdos out there.}  But it was fun for me to see Emily in that front row every show.
Emily and Vi
My costume consisted of a green velvet body suit, a huge foam flower head dress, and an even huger foam pot that I walked and danced around in, hoola-hoop style.  You can imagine how hot it got in the dead of summer, having to dance around in a velvet suit that left nothing but your face exposed.  Not my most dignified time of life.
As part of the show our cast would come out from back stage and walk down the stairs into the audience to mingle in character before the show began.  I was always the first one out from behind the curtain.  The house was divided into three main sections, with an isle in between each section that the stairs from the stage lead down into.
So, on one particularly hot day, I lead my cast out to the stage from the back so that we could all do our pre-show mingle.  I started across the stage to the stage-right staircase, which was the one I usually promenaded down, into the audience.  I noticed as I was sauntering forth that I began to get really dizzy and light-headed from the heat, but I tried to push through it.  THE SHOW MUST GO ON, blah blah blah.
Well, right as I came to the stairs, I completely blacked out, though still conscious.  However {now please picture this in your mind’s eye: I was dressed as a huge FLOWER}, I was so dizzy that I lost my footing and proceeded to “bounce” down the stairs in my big huge foam pot, rolling across the floor when I hit it, landing flower-face down—right at the foot of Emily.
I was in shock.  I did a quick self inventory to make sure I wasn’t hurt.  When I realized I was perfectly fine, thanks to the foam flower pot that padded me all the way down, I realized how obscenely hilarious I just appeared, and I began to silent-laugh so hard that my body was shaking.  That’s when Emily started screaming in horror.
“VVVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!  NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” which made me laugh even harder.  She thought I was crying-shaking, not laughing-shaking.  My cast quickly came to my aid, expressing sincere concern while trying to console Emily and hold back huge guffaws.  My dear friend and cast mate Trevor carefully rolled me over and saw that I was laughing at myself, so he just let loose.  We were all histarical.  Except Emily, who is probably still traumatized to this day.  But that was a really hard show to get through without bursting into chuckles.
So yes, I not only fell off the stage, I bounced off it.  Dressed as a huge flower.  Not the most dignified moment of my life.
Trevor’s and my favorite game:  throughout each show we would see how many times we could discreetly stick our leafs up the others’ nose.   I won most of the time, because his nostrils were bigger than mine.

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    You look like a forget me not flower!! ~ it could reform your whole story! ~ as it’s totally unforgettable too! :o). I love how you express how your heart feels! ~ thanks so much for sharing! Hi to you and John ~ Michele Christmas

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