That Wasn’t Even the Half of It:

Remember this post?  If only it had ended there. . . I’m almost too sick of it all to even write about it and relive it, because it still isn’t even over.  Here’s just a quick recap, for posterity’s sake {because I know when James is older it will be really important to him to know about his weekend of non-stop barfing when he was just a wee lad}:

Jameser kept vomiting all Friday so we ended up taking him in to Kids Kare again.  The doctor there that night was a good family friend and she took a look at my boy and referred us up to Primary Children’s Hospital to get him on an IV.  We headed up there and the emergency room experience began.  Lots of waiting, lots of retelling James’ signs and symptoms over and over {at one point I just said, “Lot’s of barf, not a lot of pee.”  I got so sick of rehashing it to every healthcare professional who came into his room…} and, unfortunately, lots more barf.  He got an ultrasound to see if his intestines were telescoping in on themselves and he looked clear, so they decided to do the IV since he was still vomiting regularly.  I had to step out of the room while JW held him as they poked his wittow ankle and inserted the port.  John told me when I came back in that he started getting teary himself as our son was screaming in pain in his arms.  That broke my heart.  

He was on the IV for a few hours before the doctor came in and told us he wanted to admit him into observation over night and keep him on the fluids until morning.  So we headed over to the RTU {rapid treatment unit} and camped out all night with our little guy connected to the machines, miserable but still trying to have a good attitude.

It was a rough night, but Jameser didn’t throw up at all.  They felt confident in sending us home the next morning and he was looking great for most of the day, that was Christmas Eve.  I nursed him here and there and he slept for about four hours.  But then, around 2:30 that afternoon, I was playing with James on his little play gym and he started coughing and vomiting up loads with streaks of blood in it.  Since he was lying down he aspirated it really badly and it was coming out of his nose and he stopped breathing.  I yelled to John, “He’s not breathing!” and John came to the rescue, grabbing James, pounding on his back and clearing out his throat with his finger.  About seven seconds later James took some gasps and we knew we were in the clear, but we were both terrified.  I was so grateful John acted so quickly and so inspiredly.

But that meant James was still in a bad way.  We called the RTU again, several times, actually, and explained everything.  We discussed different options, one of which was returning to the RTU, but we all decided it would be ok to feed him an ounce of pedialyte every twenty minutes or so {so that he didn’t get starving and want to guzzle anything down, leading to more vomiting} and just watch him like a hawk.  We would take him in immediately if he through up again.  The charge nurse also told us to keep him propped up the rest of the day and night, especially after feedings, so that he didn’t choke on his vomit again.  We were happy to hold him the rest of the day and literally did not put him down for more than three seconds at a time, unless we were changing his {major diarrhea} dipes.

He did really well and started returning to himself again last night.  He has been nursing well and has only spit up a little all day, just like any baby does.  We have officially gone a whole day with no barf!!  And this mama’s heart is resting a little easier on this beautiful Christmas Day.

But now John has it. . . . so my heart doesn’t have time to rest too long.

It’s been a different Christmas than we had hoped for, but we are trying to make the best of it.  Luckily John didn’t start feeling nauseous until right after we opened presents at his parents’ this morning, which means we practically made it passed Christmas before he got it, and that was our goal.  So we’ve been lounging in our new Christmas p.j.’s all day, taking it easy at home.

This just in: Jake and Taci both have it now, and Erin, too.

Stomach Flu: 9.


  1. Tiff says:

    Holy Moses that is such a SCARY story.. I’m so glad you are past the worst (although… shout out to poor John. Hopefully he feels better soon!!)

  2. Lexi says:

    I had a pit in my stomach reading this story. Such a scary thing to have happen! Isn’t modern medicine marvelous? I’m so thankful for it. Good thing James has such wonderful, vigilant parents who love him.

    Hang in there!!

    Love you.

  3. M.Christmas says:

    What a complete nightmare…hoping those feelings now are replaced with the joy and cautious peace and relief that comes at seeing his recovery come steady and certain.
    Take good care, our best to JW too for a speedy and complete recovery.
    Michele Christmas!


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