Spray Painted Shelf

I don’t even remember where or how I got this shelf.  It was dirty and had a little mold on one side, but I thought it could be really useful in our bathroom.  So I killed the mold, wiped it down, and spray painted it.  And it looks good as new!  Loving it in our bathroom right now.  I have another shelf in my bathroom that I want to spray paint white, too, just to touch it up.  I decided to go with a simple white because then when we get into our own house one day I’ll be able to paint these shelves to match whatever I want to do my bathroom in.  They’re great for now, though.
The original: pretty manky,
but you can’t tell in
this picture.
Cleaning it off to prep
it for painting.
Removing the hardware.
Keep all the hardware
together in a baggy so it’s
easy to find it when you
need to put it back on.
Ready to be painted.
Spray painted two coats.
Let dry,
then put the
 hardware back on.
Now I just need to find
some other little
nick nacks
for it so that it doesn’t
look so bare.