Refashioned Long Sleeve T: Geometric Pattern

The other day I found myself in The Buckle.  I NEVER shop at The Buckle, but I was desperate for a very specific piece and had a feeling this particular store would have it {they did, and I got it, and I wear it practically every day–totally worth the bookoo buckage–. . . . but that’s another post}.
Anyhoo, the point of this post:  While searching for this piece I stumbled upon another shirt that about blew me over.  It was so eccentric yet so “now” but it was way more than I normally spend on shirts {$30}.  So I left it.  And skipped off with my new faux feather/fur vest in tow.
But then I couldn’t stop thinking about the shirt.  I even dreamed about it one night, pairing it with my new vesty thing in my subconscious. It was so cute! So I thought I’d just go back to The Buckle and see if it was still there, and maybe get it if it was.
It wasn’t :(.  But it was at that moment that I had a distinct thought, “I bet I could make something like it, though. . .”
And here is my wee rendition, inspired by that long lost love of a shirt.  I will definitely be making some more of these, folks.  The total cost was $8.95 vs. $29.99.  For my next one I want to do it on a long-underwear-ish shirt.  In teal.
{What you need}
1. a shirt of your choice {I got a new one, but you could use one you already have}
2. a clean kitchen sponge, cut into the shape of your choice
3. a big slab of wood or a poster board {you’ll need two pieces of poster board cut to fit in each sleeve of the shirt, as well}
4. a couple paper plates for the paint
5. a string or ribbon {and some scotch tape to tape it to the shirt as a straight-edge guide}
6. two shades of acrylic paint of your choice
NOTE: I looked up on line different techniques of painting shirts and it seems that adding GOLDEN GAC to your acrylic will turn it into fabric paint.  Then you heat set it and it isn’t supposed to peal.  I didn’t do that this time but I will be getting some GOLDEN GAC and doing it when I do this in the future.  You might want to look into this for your shirt before you get started on this tutorial.
{Create your shirt}
1. Slide the board or poster into your shirt and lay it on a flat surface.  This will prevent the paint from bleeding through to the back side of your shirt.
2. Take your string or ribbon and tape it down where you want to start creating your geometric pattern.  This will create a straight edge for you to use as a reference point so that your lines don’t get all skiwampus.
3.  Take one of your paint colors and just start sponge painting!  {I got the sponge wet so that it expands to it’s regular size and then dabbed out all the excess water so that it was just a little damp}  I went with a linear pattern with sporadic highlighted shapes of the other color of paint.  But you can seriously do whatever you want.  Have fun and get creative!  The style of this shirt allows you to get a little sloppy and it’ll still look cute.  
4.  Take a piece of your poster board and slide it up one of the sleeves.  Center the seem on the under side of the poster board so that your sponge painted pattern will be centered on the top side of the sleeve.  Take your sponge and with your color of choice, create your desired pattern on the sleeve.  Repeat on the other sleeve.  If your shirt is new then there will be a crease on the top part of the sleeve, you can center this crease and use it as a reference to center your sponge.
{It’s kind of hard to explain, just refer to the photos to understand what I’m trying to describe:}
5.  Add any other little accents you like {I added a lowly triangle in the bottom left corner of the shirt} and let it dry over night.  Remove board {the paint will bleed through to the board and it will stick a little} and enjoy your new original piece!!!


  1. Mindy says:

    So cute! And look how skinny you are!! You are my inspiration for post pregnancy- I hope I can drop all the weight I’m gaining.

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