I call it the 5-pound flu:

Cause that’s how much weight I lost in 8 hours {…based on that information I’ll let you deduce how many times I vomitted…}.  And my poor little buddy got it, too.  It was so sad.  He was crying and couldn’t fall asleep unless he was nursing, and he was clinging on to me for dear life throughout the night.  At one point I sobbed as I rocked him in my arms, not being physically able to help him in any other way.  Luckily I started feeling better around 1:00 am so that I could attend to his needs better and let my sweet Prince John William get a little sleep.  He did such a great job of caring for us yesterday, even though he was feeling terrible himself.  The day probably couldn’t have been any worse than it was, actually.  Definitely one of the hardest days of our marriage.

We considered sending Jameser to my mom’s house for the night so that we could sleep and get healthy, but decided against it becuase he was so miserable and we didn’t want to expose anyone else to this bug.  She still wanted to help so she brought us dinner and Gatorade.  And unfortunately her brief time in our cesspool of a home was enough for her to catch it too.  Poor mammy.

So here are the flu casualties so far:


We’re hoping and PRAYING no one else gets it, at least before Christmas.  That would make for a crummy 12 hours, you can believe me.. . ..

But this clip would make ANYONE feel better, no matter how sick they were. . .

You’re welcome.  And Merry Christmas!!