Flashback Friday: Family Christmas Pageant about 1993

Flashback Fridais a weekly series on “Hopes and Dreams.”  
Each Friday a different memory from Jessi’s or John’s past is posted.  You are invited to join the fun and record a memory of your own, too, whether it be on your blog, in your journal, in an audio file, etc.  The objective is to foster an appreciation and desire for personal record keeping as we are forming our personal histories.  Also, if you chose to blog your memory, you are invited to link up to our memory (but only if you wanna).   
If you know me, you know that I used to be big into the performing arts.  I guess you could say I’ve always had a bit of a “drama” flare, as much as I hate admitting that.  Actually, I have spent the better part of my adult life trying to get away from giving people the impression that I’m overdramatic simply because I can sing and dance.  I actually try to keep that little part of me hidden under a bushel until I absoltuely have to reveal it. . .. In fact, it makes me wanna harf when people who don’t know me find out I used to perform at Lagoon and they say, “I can totally see you doing that!”  I would much rather them say, “Really?  I never would have guessed that about you!  You seem more like the lawyer/exec type. . .”   
But I am who I am, while trying to be better.  
{And of course I’m so grateful for my talents.  I just don’t want people to think I’m dramatic, ok?  Sheesh!}  
Anyhoo, I can’t help but reflect upon some of my most dramatic moments of my youth, especially at this time of year.  Shall we get to our memory?
Every Christmas season of my youth, my extended family would put on a D. Family Christmas Pageant at the D. Family Christmas party.  There were about 15 grandkids at the time, and I was one of the older kids of the group.  I don’t know who would “cast each part,” but my older sister, Andee, was consistently Mary and I somehow ended up the donkey {the DONKEY!!} 
every. single. year.  
Oh, the jealousy!!  I wanted to be Mary so badly, and I was consecutively let down every year.  I felt like my talent was going to waste.  And Andee. . . .what did she have that I didn’t!!  Those people were missing out on the best “Mary, Mother of God” they’d ever seen 
{However, I never ceased to amaze them with my portrayal of the donkey… I was a dang good donkey.  You’d be, too, if you played one for eight years in a row!}.
Christmas time rolled around again, and I had just turned nine.  Our family party was approaching and I surrendered to the idea that I would be letting Andee ride into Bethlehem on my back yet once again.  But something. . . .happened. . . . 
I was cast as the ANGEL!!  
A few steps up from the donkey, I’d say!  My talent must have finally matured to the level it needed to be to carry such a burden as to present my interpretation of the Angel who brought the good tidings of great joy to the shepherds!  I mean, I was practically the LEAD!  What’s a Christmas story without the ANGEL??
The party came, and I was so ready.  Andee rode into town on my other sister, Ellie’s back that year, and I didn’t even feel bad for her.  I was too excited for my part in the pageant.  
As the family gathered round in anticipation of the start of the production, I kept going over my lines in my head.  The show began and I watched from the side until my part approached.  
I’ll never forget it. . . .
I got up to share my good tidings of great joy aaaaaAAAAANNNNDDDD ——
I totally blanked.    
I could feel the tears start to well in my eyes and my face start to get very hot.  I tried to dive into the depths of my brain to fish out any type of line that could work in that context, like
“He is born!”
“Merry Christmas!”
“You are Shepherds!”
But it all came to me too late.  
In the mean time, I ran off “stage” and hid myself in my cousins room with my mortification until the pageant was over.  Turns out, the Angel isn’t as important as, say, Mary, because they were able to finish the show without me.  I think they improvised and had Ellie the Donkey bring the good tidings of great joy to the shepherds.  I mean, what’s a Christmas story without the donkey anyway, right?  
So that was the year I played the angel.  
I must say, though, that I probably still did a better job at my interpretation of the Angel than Andee did a few years later at her interpretation of the Angel who told Nephi to kill Laban when we acted out the Book of Mormon story. . . . . 
{D. Family, enter mental image -here-}  
Gotta love us. . .
{back row} Jake, Taci, Gary, Ellie the Donkey, Kelsey {I think she played Baby Jesus a few times} Matt, Jessi the Angel, John a real angel, Andee Mother of God, Josh, Rob

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  1. Tiff says:

    LOL! I can just imagine all of it.

    When I was a kid we memorized our parts as well (and brought our own costumes..) but for Justin’s fam we just throw it all together like 5 minutes before the show. And we let the kids read their parts. Lame. But the other sis-in-laws don’t share my passion for the nativity. If they could only see a “professional” production. 😉

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