Christmas Recap

Welp, John got sick Christmas morning, so that put us at home, quarantined all day.  Luckily we had been able to celebrate a little the night before with the D. Family at the annual D. Family Christmas Eve Devotional.  We LOVE this tradition.  It is always such a sacred family experience.  And this year didn’t disappoint. It was dedicated to the women of the scriptures behind the Nativity Story.  Each woman in the family read a monologue of Elizabeth, Joseph’s mother, the Shepherd’s wife, the Innkeeper’s wife, Mary’s mother, and Mary herself.  We all sang Christmas songs and had a delicious dinner along with it. It was a night to remember, especially since the rest of our Christmas weekend wasn’t filled with much.

James showed significant improvement on Christmas and we let him sleep for as long as he wanted throughout the day.  I got a bit stir crazy and found myself not having anything to do {I promised myself I wouldn’t do laundry on Christmas}, so I tried to nap myself.  John and I exchanged gifts {I did a gift inspired by each reindeer–he loved it!} and gave Jameser some little Christmas books.  Later that night we watched “Tangled” {thanks Andee!!} and ate tater tots in bed.  It wasn’t the Christmas we anticipated, but it turned out to be quite lovely.  We got to spend the whole day together, just our lil’ family, and take care of each other.  It was all actually quite tender.

Here are some photos of our Christmas Season.  Hopefully this is how we’ll be remembering the holiday, even though it was filled with the flu:

A few thoughts on Christmas:
This was the first year I really connected with the Mary and Baby Jesus, maybe because I had a son of my own and grew a whole new respect for what Mary went through as a mother.  My testimony of my Savior and the Great Plan of Happiness has grown so much since having James–it is such a gift.  The feelings of my heart this Holiday Season were so sacred and enlightening.  I’ve never had a Christmas quite like this one.
{And To All A Good Night!}  

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  1. buckway's says:

    I am so so so glad Jamesers is doing better! Love all the pics – especially the one where James’s little lip is adorably curled under while sitting on santa’s lap. Children truly are an amazing gift!

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