Baby James: five months old

16 lbs. 4 oz.
{about 40th%, and you lost some weight when you were sick at the end of the month}

about 24.5 inches
{between 5th-10th%}
Little Bro, Bubbers, Dude, Buddy, Broski
your new saucer and play gym, Baby Geniuses, cuddling, sucking your thumb and fingers, lime wedges, sucking in your lips, spitting up {because you do it so much}, singing and gabbing, putting things in your mouth
the car seat, the way solids taste, your zip up hoodies, getting your throat deep suctioned and getting IVs at the hospital {:(}
what Mama loves ´╗┐most about you right now:
the way you have found your thumb and love sucking on it, the way you suck in your lips when you are excited, the way you start singing along with me, your perfectly chubby hands, you roll over to be closer to me, the squeaks and squawks you make as you nurse
what Daddy loves most about you right now:
sucking in your gums like you’re missing your dentures, when you met Santa for the first time, hanging out together a ton over Christmas break, you are getting pretty mobile via wiggling, how you respond when you test out new foods {you love lime wedges, you hate fry sauce!}
other James-isms from the fifth month:
-sleep training! Down to once a night before the hospital, 
then we had to back track a bit
-It snowed for the first time in your life, you loved it
-glitter bomb
-tons of blonde hair
-rolling over both ways, but are getting lazy with it
-getting tastes of a few solids here and there
-you may be teething? Or you at least have had 
a cold for the entire month…
-sick in the hospital
-your first Christmas