Giving Thanks, part 6: Blessed

Today I am thankful for a worthy husband who honors his priesthood so that he could bless our beautiful son.

It was a glorious day, and we didn’t take a single picture.  We were too busy socializing and enjoying all the support for Baby James.  We had a massive turnout and were so humbled at the thought of how much love there is for our sweet son.

We didn’t change him into his blessing outfit until right before Sacrament Meeting, to keep it spit-up and poop free.  And he looked so handsome! {And smelled great, too!}  I strategically picked out an outfit that came with a hat so that we could hide his bald-as-an-eagle melon.  And it suited him so well!

The blessing was profound.  There was a great emphasis on honoring all the names James has been given.  His last name, to bring honor to it.  His middle name, to associate it with great character. {His second middle name–Dumbledoor, to nurture his magical powers.}  And his first name, to remember that Uncle James is surely watching over him.

The luncheon was wonderful.  So many contributed delicious bits!  And we had a blanket displayed for everyone to sign or write a message to Baby James.  That will be fun to have as a keepsake of the day.  JW also made a delicious slide show of hundreds of pictures of Jameser that will be a treasure forever.  It was so fun to display that while people ate and socialized.  It was a major hit.

My heart is full.  My sweet little family fills my joy in such a sacred, indescribably way.  It may have been James’ special blessing day, but I could not help but feel the most blessed of all.