Giving Thanks, part 5: Cooking

Today I am grateful for cooking and baking.  I love it!  I spent ten hours today preparing goods for James’ blessing tomorrow, and was pretty much giddy all day long.  Except when I burnt my white chocolate sauce and had to go to the store to get more and then burnt it again, even though I’ve made it a kajillion times.  I just got cocky, I guess.  I’m still learning so much!  Here is what is on the menu for the family luncheon after the blessing tomorrow {others are bringing things to contribute, too.  This is just what I wanted to make}:

{a yummy pasta salad that I haven’t written the recipe for yet… stay tuned}
Like I said, some others are bringing food too.  We’ll have about seven or eight soups there, a hodgepodge of salads and desserts, and yummy Pizza Factory Breadstick nock offs.  It’ll be a nice little day for Jameser and the fam tomorrow.  
recipes above brought to you by
photobooth fun, 2008